Strategic Planning Committee
Date: 3/28/2012
Entry Team
Iris Godes
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Name: Lu Costa
Extension: 7519
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Iris Godes
Carol King
Lucinda Costa
Kathy Radley
Scott Gauthier
Kathi Lewando
Lamont Slater
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Topic 1
4/11/2012 - 2:00pm in 224A
Sub-Committee Updates
Discussion: Veteran’s – Committee is meeting regularly, attending a conference this week.
This committee is highly functional. Student Orientation – No info from Jonathan. The
committee has not met. Entry Team discussed ideas for student orientation. ECCA – No
update. Marketing – Committee met in March, going through Marketing plan, identifying types
of students and academic programs we have and prioritizing marketing, what approach to
take. Committee has low attendance. New Employee Orientation – No update. Committee has
not met, Anita plans to pick up again in the fall. Persistence Team Sub-committee, Late
Registration Committee - studying the correlation between early and late registrants.
Preliminary data suggests that late registrants are less successful than early registrants. Subcommittee is continuing to review the data.
Conclusions: Entry Team will formally propose to the Student Orientation Committee
ideas for recommendation.
Action items: Pull information from previous
meeting where Student Orientation ideas were
discussed. Put together with ideas from today.
Person responsible:
Topic 2: Review of Strategic Plan Outcomes
Objective 2.2 – Student Access – Iris to submit an IRaP request for data on dual enrollment
students to determine increase. Increase in high school graduates or GED recipients who score
college level on entry assessment tests – Vision Project, Future Focus. Minority and
underrespresented populations – IraP data request. 90% Financial Aid – YES, meeting the goal.
Objective 2.4a – Student Orientation – GAP – Entry Team sending recommendation to subcommittee.
Objective 2.4b – Mentoring – Learning Community ran in FA11 and retention was good. Did not
fly in SP12.
Objective 2.5 – Student Success – Technology and Support Data Infrastructure – IraP
Sharepoint Site.
Objective 2.6 – Effectiveness and Quality Assurance – Marketing Plan in process.
Objective 3.1a – Southbridge Facility - **need to know the targets for enrollment. IRaP survey.
Objective 3.3 – Enrollment Management Plan – on hold for now. Enrollment targets are being
met and exceeded.
Objective 3.4 – Marketing Orientation and Enrollment Mgmt Model – Annual enrollment
increase in Admissions – YES, meeting goal.
Objective 4.1a – Early College Readiness – YES, Vision Project.
Objective 4.1c – Tech Prep – discontinued, program ended. IRaP is tracking.
Objective 4.2d – Reverse Transfer – GAP – Iris to bring to Admissions.
Objective 6.1b – Revenue Generation – YES, enhancing enrollment.
Objective 6.2d – New Employee Orientation – Entry is trying to get this sub-committee going.
They are going to reconvene this fall.
Objective 6.4c – Effective Use of New Technology – use of email is increasing. Use of social
networking is in Legal now. Should be able to use soon. Iris to start using Twitter for Iris 411.
Objective 6.5 – Financial Aid – YES, meeting goal.
Action items:
Person responsible:
Person responsible:
Action items:
Idea Parking Lot
New phone system
Add advising staff
Beef up infrastructure
Make systems consistent between credit and non-credit
Attend department meetings
Switchboard improvements

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