Alternative Dance Academy
Pole 2 Dance Fitness
Pole Dance is an intense workout and sport. It can be hard on your body so PLEASE if at any
time you feel uncertain about a move STOP. Ask questions or request a modified version of the
move. Inform the instructor of any previous injuries and NEVER attempt a move you are not
ready for. Your safety is number one.
Attire For Class: Shorts, Tank-Top/T-shirt/Sports-Top, Heels with Ankle Straps
Absolutely NO JEWLERY. It is crucial that your legs and arms are bare. Skin contact is
what keeps you on the pole- “Less is Best” and Your heels MUST have ankle straps.
You will not be allowed to dance is strapless heels, or pants- this is for your safety.
Water- Bring IT and Drink IT. We will take two water breaks during each class but it is
encouraged to drink fluids throughout the workout. Proper hydration helps prevent
muscle fatigue and joint stress.
Stretching and Deep Breathing-Helps deliver oxygen to your muscles and
prevent soreness. We will stretch at both the beginning and end of each class.
Pole Maintenance and Safety- You will be provided with a wipe down towel and
glass cleaner. At any time during the class if your pole becomes slippery, STOP and
wipe it down. Wipe down your pole at the end of each class. Get into the habit of giving
your pole a good “tug” before performing a weight bearing move. While each pole is
checked daily, it is always better safe than sorry. If at any time you question the safety
of your pole STOP and inform the instructor immediately.
Pole Burns and Bruising- As with any sport, a certain amount of bodily “wear and
tear” must be expected. Due to the nature of dancing on and with a steel pole, you will
experience “pole burn” (minor skin irritation) and bruising.
Pole Dancing Terms:
Warm Up Work Out: Get your heart pumping and your body glistening. You will work
your individual muscle groups and cardio to gain the strength and stamina you have
always wanted.
Dance Time: Learn new content every week and review previous material. Build on
your skills to take your dancing to the next level. Follow along with instructor lead
Cool Down Stretch: Yoga based stretches ensure your body will stay healthy and
flexible after your hard work.
Transition: Pole Dance moves designed to “fill time” and provide a chance to catch
your breath. They are also used to link one dance phrase to the next.
Spin: Pole Dance moves that require rotation of the body near the pole or on the pole
during the trick. These require significant momentum and involve the cardio aspect of
Pole Dance.
Static Trick: Pole Dance moves that do not require momentum but instead require
strength and precise body placement. These involve the strength and flexibility aspect
of Pole Dance.
Floor Work: Pole Dance moves designed to be done while sitting, kneeling or laying on
the floor. Also provide a chance to catch your breath.
Climb: Any move which elevates your body off the ground onto the pole. May use
hands and/or legs.
POC: Point Of Contact- Where your body touches the pole during any trick or move.
Grip: Whatever body part is being used to bare weight on the pole ie. (Knee Grip/Hand
Grip/Elbow Grip)
Count: A Beat of music. Routines will be choreographed in counts of 8
Phrase: 4 sets of 8 counts
Call Out Dance: Instructor lead dance which involves the tricks and moves being called
out ahead of time.
“HUPP!”: A command used in class during call out dances to indicate when a trick or
move should be executed.
Warm Up/ Stretch
Biceps Pulls
Tricep Push Up
Lunge Stretch
Side Dips
Run (Toes, Knees, Side)
Burn Out
Strength Training- Pole Ups, V-Ups, Pole Crunches, Lunges
Week 1: Opposite Side/Heels
Static Tricks- 360-super model legs, Pole Sit, Basic Climb, Crucifix, Basic
Plank, Scissor Plank
Spins- Twisted Grip Piroutte, Fireman, Extended Leg Spin
New- Side Spin, X-Climb
Week 2: Opposite Side/Heels
Static Tricks- Thigh Rest, Reverse Handstand, Wrist Sit, Elbow Stand
Spins- Flirty Fireman, Fan Legs, Half Pole Hold Spin (fluid), Ankle Attitude,
Half Cradle
New- Chair Spin, Side Climb, Booty Roll
Week 3: Opposite Side/Heels
Static Tricks- Round House Kick, V Hold, Basic Invert, Inverted Crucifix,
Advanced Plank
Spins- Back Hook Spin, Reverse Attitude, Standing Fireman, Tuck Spin,
Cradle Spin, Carousel, V-Carousel, Pole Hold Spin
NEW- Prance, Pike Rotation, plank dismount, Inside Leg Hang (from floor)
Week 4: New
Static Tricks- Cross Knee Release, Elbow Stand Sit-Up
Spins- Extended Chair, Extended Cradle, Front Hook, Flying Fireman
Floor: 45’s, Fancy Splay, Candlestick
Week 5: New
Static Tricks- Cross Ankle Release, Inverted Thigh Hold, Tuck Invert
Spins- Forward Attitude, V-Cradle, Side Spin Leg Switch
Floor: Super Fancy Splay, Floor Body Wave, Octopus Legs
Week 6: New
Static Tricks- Cresent, Gemini, V-Invert, Basic Butterfly
Spins- Corkscrew, Reverse Grab Attitude
SPIN COMBO: TG pirouette > side spin > roll right > grab under hand, pull
around > tush push
STATIC COMBO: Elbow stand sit up > X climb > ankle release > Cresent
Week 7:
Rehearse Group Routine
Week 8:
Rehearse Group Routine
Thank you for learning with us, now it’s time to show off your skills in the
Performance Showcase!!!
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