“You are a bastion of hope, an example for all Arab
women to identify with. Especially those that remain
shy despite their capabilities and believe glory is
reserved for, and made by, men alone”
… ‫فأنت مثل يحتذى به لكل امرأة عربية مازالت خجولة تظن ان المجد‬
‫…يصنعه الرجال وحدهم دون غيرهم‬
" I must admit that as a UAE national I was pleasantly
surprised and found myself overcome by an extreme
sense of pride [when I heard your BBC segment]… I
sincerely believe that it's by heroic and selfless acts
such as your trip to the North Pole, however symbolic
in nature, that we will eventually break the traditional
views of women's roles in our society that have
constricted women's freedom and ability to
contribute in all sectors”
“How did she benefit herself and her country? I will tell
you how. I have a two year old daughter, that I know
one day will ask me if I really believe she can
accomplish anything she sets her heart and mind to. I
know that I will tell her that female UAE nationals just
like her, who were probably given the similar
opportunities… faced similar disappointments… and
given similar “cultural baggage” if you will, achieved
things that were so complex in nature and diverse as
reaching the north pole... She won’t relate to those
experiences that much had they only been achieved
by people of the other gender, of other nationalities
and backgrounds. My daughter needs this, cause the
most daring thing she will see me do will be flying a
"My name is Haya from Liwa Oasis. I have been
watching you and follow your trip to the North Pole.
And I am so proud of you with your accomplishments.
I see myself in you because I think I have that passion
to do something big for my country also I have the
enthusiasm to make a change in women in the UAE. I
think all what we need is a great example, “a role
model” I should say. You are my role model and I am
going to make a change inshallah !!"