We are looking for an enthusiastic, energetic and inspiring full time tutor to teach 2 boys aged 17
and 14, based in Somerset with frequent European travel. The Tutor will be required to supplement
the education that the boys receive currently from their school, ensuring that the regular time spent
away from the classroom is not detrimental to their overall education. The main focus will be for
the elder boy in his A Level studies, but where possible, the tutor may be asked to support the
younger boy too.
We are looking ideally for an immediate start although will consider all applications on their merits.
The contract will be until summer 2015 initially but for the right Tutor it is envisaged that this role
may be open to renewal in due course. We will also consider a recent graduate in Business Studies
and Accounting for a short term role (6 months).
This position offers an exceptional salary + benefits package which will be negotiated with individual
Tutors based upon relevant experience and qualifications.
The Students
The family consists of 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls) although the tutoring position will focus
predominately on the boys’ education. The boys are pursuing a love of motor sports and due to
their continuing success, have reached a level where they need to travel frequently to compete,
attend test sessions and train. This results in major disruption to their schooling. The family have
employed a full time tutor previously and are looking to find a new Tutor who meets the boys’ needs
at this stage of their education.
The boys attend a local independent school in Somerset and are thriving academically within this
environment. The school, whilst totally supportive of the boys’ commitment to their sport, do
require them to catch up on work that they have missed whilst away. The boys are both studying at
important stages of their education and cannot afford to miss academic subject material or course
The elder of the two boys is a thoughtful, open young man. He is currently studying for his A-levels,
focusing on Business Studies and Accounting. In order to cover course material, learning is moving
at a brisk pace and it is critical that he keeps abreast of areas covered in class. A successful Tutor will
be someone who can enable this, support him and ideally provide a real insight into this world. The
Accounting A Level is the one that is causing the greatest difficulty for him and therefore we really
do need a tutor who is able to support his studies in this subject.
The younger boy is a bright, articulate student who has a visible passion for the motorsports world.
He is very amiable, engaging and self-motivated to succeed. Academically, he is positioned in the top
quarter of his year group and enjoys most subjects equally. He is very clear that his favourite
teachers are those who are funny, engaging and positive in their approach.
The younger boy is currently studying the full range of subjects leading up to the GCSE stage and it is
desirable that the Tutor is able and confident to teach across the curriculum.
Both boys are respectful and polite and will, undoubtedly, be an absolute pleasure to teach.
The Role of the Tutor
The Tutor will use time with the children in a range of ways. Primarily it will be essential to ensure
that both boys are keeping up with the material that is being covered at school during their absence.
Regular contact with their teachers at school will enable the Tutor to keep abreast of the curriculum
being taught each term. The boys’ teachers are familiar with the relationship of a tutor and will be
happy to provide information to support the boys’ learning. For some subject areas, it will be a case
of teaching the material from scratch and for others, ensuring that gaps in understanding are filled
and knowledge consolidated. In addition, the Tutor will need to retain an overview of the exam
dates and coursework deadlines to ensure that nothing is missed in their busy schedules.
It would also be desirable for the Tutor to provide additional learning opportunities for the boys
during their overseas excursions. It is hoped that the Tutor will spend time in advance of travel
researching places of interest, compiling information about the destination and helping the boys to
develop a broader understanding of the world they are experiencing. Opportunities for learning
may include the acquisition of new vocabulary in the language of the country they are travelling to
or the geography of the area. A successful Tutor will be able to make the most of quiet training days
when they occur to provide educational enrichment through experiential learning opportunities
such as witnessing erosion or studying volcanic features. This proactive approach to the boys’
education will ensure that they benefit fully from the opportunities that such extensive travel
The Tutoring will take place in a variety of locations, determined by the boys’ schedules. Sometimes
the Tutor will work with the boys at home, during evenings and holidays, or ‘on the move’ when the
boys are away with their motorsport training. The family have a mobile office that travels with them
and this will be the base for quiet study when at the racetrack. Having this base will be ideal to
ensure that learning time is optimised.
As part of the boys’ motorsports, they are both focused on fitness and work hard to ensure that they
are physically prepared for the demands of the sport. Whilst they do have specialist coaches who
are able to supervise this aspect of their preparation, it would be viewed as advantageous if the
Tutor were also keen on fitness, running and supporting this part of the boys’ time.
 Proven experience / ability to teach A Level Accounting + Business Studies
 A willingness to be flexible and demonstrate a ‘can-do’ attitude. This role would particularly
suit someone who has a keen interest in travel and who relishes a varied working week.
 An ability to support learning across the curriculum pre- GCSE
 A non –smoker
Full clean driving licence
 An interest in Motorsports
It is very difficult to provide details of a ‘routine’ for the boys in that each week is different as the
racing schedule dictates. However, there are quieter weeks when the boys are home based,
attending school and during these times the Tutor should expect to work for approximately 20 hours
a week. This time will be spent providing afterschool support for the boys and ensuring that they
are up to date with all school work.
Although the majority of the Tutor’s time will be spent working with the boys, it is hoped that during
these quieter weeks, the Tutor will be able to provide some teaching time for the girls too (aged 11
and 8). This may be a regular time commitment or on an ‘ad hoc’ basis as required.
During other weeks when the boys are travelling for sports commitments, the Tutor’s hours will be
rather more, although focussed one to one study time may well be less. The boys tend to travel on a
Thursday evening and stay away until the Sunday evening. The Client will endeavour to provide
notice of the schedule as far in advance as possible. Study will happen during travel, between racing
sessions and on quiet training days. It is essential that the Tutor is organised and able to make the
most of these occasions to provide top quality teaching experiences.
The emphasis with this role is on total flexibility; finding a Tutor who will not clock watch or feel
aggrieved if one day is slightly longer than planned but will enter into the working relationship with a
‘give and take’ attitude. A Tutor who will view themselves as part of the ‘team’ and will be happy to
assist as required will ensure that travelling is a happy, productive experience for everyone involved.
Although the Tutor’s academic and professional qualifications are required to be superb, it is as
important for the Client to find a Tutor who they feel is the ‘right fit’ and who will work well within
the family.
The Tutor must be based in Somerset, near Glastonbury or local enough to facilitate evening study
sessions as required. Assistance can be provided for a Tutor who is looking to relocate for this role.
During overseas travel, the accommodation options will vary and the Tutor must be willing to share
with other people on occasion where the provision of a private room is impossible.
Travel & Holidays
There will be frequent periods of travel during the year with the family and this will form the basis of
a truly exciting working adventure. Significant trips will be planned in advance and the Tutor will be
kept informed of such planned time away.
The Tutor will be offered a good holiday entitlement during the term of the contract. All holiday
must be taken at times of mutual convenience with the Client. There will be times when holiday can
be taken in substantial blocks but it may be that other holiday is taken during quieter home based
weeks and will be in the form of long weekends.
The contract will begin as soon as possible. The position is until summer 2015 initially but it is
anticipated that the role may continue for a number of years for the right Tutor. We will consider a
short term option for a graduate in these subjects or a teacher who may only be available until
summer 2014.
All tutors will be required to sign non-disclosure agreements before the release of any further