Ensuring Success In Your Classes Upward Bound

Success IN the
To receive credit please make print and complete the last slide of this
PowerPoint and submit it to your coordinator
Take Control!
Make a list of everything you have to do.
Break your workload down into manageable chunks.
Give yourself planned study breaks.
Divide the big tasks into smaller parts.
Do them one at a time.
Do them in order of importance.
Study for a short period,
then take a 20-minute break.
Do this every
Preview your syllabus.
Identify deadlines.
Establish internal deadlines for the semester.
Read assignments.
Know what is coming and schedule the
time you will need to complete the work.
Internal Deadline Planner
“My” Due Date
Actual Due Date
Seminar Presentation
February 17
February 27
IH Paper
March 21
March 31
Lab Notebook
April 2
April 12
Give yourself extra time for
last-minute changes, unexpected
delays, and time for a tutor to review it!
Try the SQW3R
Method for reading!
Survey: Headings, captions, graphics,
summaries, boldface and italics
Question: What do I want to know?
Write: Questions for directed reading
Read: Look for the answers while reading!
Rehearse: Repeat them out loud.
Review: Return to your notes daily.
•Isolate the most important areas of the text.
•Use the questions as a checklist.
•Create a study guide and vocabulary list.
•Develop questions for further study.
•Eliminate reading you may not need to do.
Make associations between what you are learning
and what you already know.
This male/female stuff
reminds me of my dog Rufus
and my cat Lovey.
Don’t guess!
Test yourself.
Teach somebody else.
The best way to learn is
to show it to someone.
Form a study group.
Get a Tutor!
Explain what you are learning
to family and friends.
Incorporate learning
from one class into another.
Use dialogue
as a study tool!
“Chunk” information into subsets.
Make graphs, charts, and visual organizers.
Use 3 x 5 flashcards.
Color code information.
Study in a setting similar to the test setting.
Avoid “nap-friendly” environments.
Find the ideal spot for you and go back to it.
Have all study materials handy.
Make sure you are distraction-free.
Review regularly.
Continual rehearsal of information
increases memory retention.
Plan your time.
Pace yourself.
Review your work.
Replenish as needed.
Stay away from
theTen traps!
Ensuring Success in the Classroom
Please answer in full sentences.
Which of these tools/methods do you currently use?
You have to read a book for class. Explain what you will do before, during, and after reading to ensure that you
completely understand the material.
Think about and then describe your ideal study place.
Create an Internal Deadline Planner outlining the next 5 days of school work/projects that you must complete. Make
sure to attach it to this paper. (If you need more space feel free to use the back of this sheet of paper)