Say Hello To Voice, Video & Text Chat & Sell
More Properties
You’d never let a prospect leave your property or office without saying hello, but that’s
exactly what happens to online shoppers who visit your website.
Make the most out of the traffic you’re already driving to your site with 3 simple
1. Add the Aurasel Solution to your website.
“Quick, easy setup and
2. Personally greet every online visitor. Create a personal connection with immediate conversions.
them as if were in your office.
Voice, video & text chat has
3. Watch your showings and sales go up!
changed the game!”
The result is 30% MORE property tours scheduled!
– Susan Baker, Real Estate
Both Text and Video – whatever the buyer’s choice
The most motivated home buyers
are enthusiastic and will directly
contact you immediately via video
Other buyers browse your website
from work and cannot call or be
called and prefer text
Take the best from both worlds! Text with the ones that prefer chatting and
don’t miss the enthusiastic hot leads by voice and video communication.
Only Aurasel’s Voice, video and text chat allows you to build interpersonal relationships
with potential homebuyers in a low-pressure environment. The first real-estate
professional engaged, usually wins the customer.
30% MORE
property tours
“We have experienced a
30% increase in leads just by
using Aurasel chat.”
– Nick Sanchez, Real Estate
Turn Website “Lookers” Into Leases, Start Chatting Today With
THE Best Voice, Video & Text Chat Solution
Aurasel makes voice, video & text chat easy for your property. Our solution is the only way to
engage with more online prospects—wherever they are—all in one product!
Across the Web
Receive & respond to chats across the entire network—your property website, microsites &
mobile sites.
Voice, Video & Text
Chat is:
You can connect with
prospects early on in the
buying process & give
them instant answers.
Simple Management
Get all those voice, video & text chats through a single system—one product to manage; one
set of reports to track, one login.
Smart Solution
Prospects can interact
with you & ask questions
during work hours or any
time the phone is too
loud & email is too slow.
Never miss voice, video & text chats just because you are currently unavailable—the system
automatically sends you an email with new tickets awaiting response.
Voice & Video Chat Operators
Voice, Video & Text Chat operators- an option when you‘re not available. We’ve got your back it’s the professional help you need to ensure no buyer is left unattended.
Quick & easy setup + free training
Installing the Aurasel solution takes less than 5 minutes, and you can access our free training &
support at any time.
Full tracking & reporting
All chat transcripts (& other reports) can be reviewed for quality control & training.
Call 866-358-3880 for more information
Aurasel is a trademark of Deskgod, Inc.
Provides great
customer service
When you are “online &
ready to serve” with your
customized greetings,
the shopper‘s belief that
they will get great
service grows, and
voice/video chat drives
overall engagement.