14.3 England and France Develop
14.3 England and France Develop
5. As king of England, he managed to lose all of England's land holdings in
7. This legislative body, made up of people from all social classes was formed in
England under Edward I
8. This Capetian monarch was able to regain control of northern France by
defeating King John I of England
14. His death at the Battle of Hastings signaled the end of Saxon rule in England
16. His marriage to Eleanor of Aquitaine greatly increased his land holdings
19. Created under Louis IX, these courts were formed which could overturn the
decisions of previous courts
20. Known as the Confessor, his dying without an heir left a power vacuum in
1. In order to gain widespread public support for his fight against the pope,
Philip IV called for the creation of this council
2. A uniform body of law based upon precedent set by previous court cases
3. Under Philip II, they were royal officials who were sent out from Paris to
collect the king's taxes
4. This dynasty, started with the rule of Charlemagne, but ended with Louis the
6. After William took the throne of England, he kept this much land for himself
9. After the Carolingians, a new dynasty formed from this undistinguished duke's
10. Philip IV got into a quarrel with the pope when he tried to tax these
individuals within France's borders
11. It was under his rule that the kingdom became known as England
12. After William's victory at Hastings, he gifted parcels of land to these lords
13. After William, successive English kings tried to add to their land holdings
in this country
15. In 1066, he claimed he was the rightful heir to the throne of England
17. The nobility under King John forced him to sign this document, guaranteeing
them basic political rights
18. Henry II introduced this concept of using 12 neighbors to help provide
information to the court
14.3 England and France Develop
5. John Softsword
7. parliament
8. Philip II
14. Harold
16. Henry II
19. appeals courts
20. Edward
1. Estates General
2. common law
3. bailiffs
4. Carolingian
6. one fifth
9. Hugh Capet
10. priests
11. Alfred the Great
12. Normans
13. France
15. William
17. Magna Carta
18. Jury

14.3 England and France Develop