The privilege of Saturnia, a unique spa resort, comes from its relationship with its environment and
exceptional hot spring. Getting to know Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort involves discovering a
luxury that money can’t buy, copy or reproduce elsewhere. The luxury of regeneration that starts
with spring water and acts on mind and body through a programme of well-structured activities
known as Natural Reset. Natural Reset is the means by which the extraordinary atmosphere of the
precious resort of Saturnia is experienced and stored in the form of strength, well-being, awareness
of one’s body and lucidity of thought for everyone to take away with them as a tool to be used from
then on.
For visitors to the resort, Natural Reset begins with the magical sensation of getting in contact with
the spirit of its place. Its atmosphere is thick with ancient stories of beneficial divinities and people
travelling there to be cured. A new type of serenity permeates the guests and helps them to relieve
themselves of their stress and get them in the right frame of mind to dedicate some time to
The rest comes gradually and naturally through a programme which begins to untangle every knot.
From immersion in water – a real return to the maternal womb at a wondrously constant
temperature, to physical activity and personalized beauty treatments and the science of diet forging
a new relationship with food, not forgetting the joys of the palate. Everything in the resort aims at
the attainment of well-being through pleasure. This fusion of ancient tradition and the latest
techniques in longevity are the secrets behind Natural Reset. Secrets that slowly reveal themselves
until it becomes crystal clear that Saturnia is the place where everyone can really be reborn.
Located at the heart of Italy’s breathtaking Tuscan Maremma, Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort is
Europe’s finest wellness experience. Drawing on the glorious natural environment and heritage of
the region, the award-winning resort is set on the site of a rich thermal spring, whose waters cascade
at a rate of 500 litres per second, and a constant temperature of 37˚C. Embraced by generations of
bathers, the legendary health-giving properties of the silky smooth, sulphurous waters continue to
seduce even the most discerning of spa goers, and form the basis for Terme di Saturnia’s unrivalled
range of specialist spa treatments and wellbeing and medical programmes.
Fashioned around an ancient travertine stone heart, Terme di Saturnia’s 140 elegantly appointed
rooms and suites command magnificent views through enchanting veils of rising thermal steam
across the verdant, rolling valley of Saturnia, punctuated only by medieval hilltop castles and villages.
All accommodation is thoughtfully designed, with stylish décor and warm, soothing tones creating a
harmonious habitat for mind, body and soul, and smoothing the path towards total wellbeing.
Wellbeing gushes from the very Earth itself at Terme di Saturnia. An ancient legend tells of Saturn,
god of the harvest, losing his patience with a mankind constantly at war and ferociously hurling a
thunderbolt into a volcanic crater, from which sprang a river of warm, sulphurous water, covering
the valleys, mountains and plains and soothing the lands of Saturnia. Today, the legacy of Saturn’s
legend is the foundation of Terme di Saturnia’s philosophy, helping guests retune body and mind and
restore good health.
Your Nutritional Reset by Daniela Morandi:
new and exclusive from Terme di Saturnia
Personalized programmes to achieve and maintain top psycho-physical form
through the latest nutritional strategies
Daniela Morandi, nutritionist and naturopath of international standing and author of a series of books
written with Barry Sears – a world-famous researcher and creator of The Zone Nutritional Strategy –
founded on the methodology of the most up-to-date scientific research that proves that staying
healthy, combatting the effects of ageing and effective long-term weight loss is mainly dependent on
the hormonal response that food triggers in our body, from control of its glycemic load, chemical
composition, time at which it is consumed and the way in which it is combined to act on the metabolic
systems and our well-being.
In the ideal setting of serenity, concentration and relaxation that Terme di Saturnia offers, Daniela
Morandi will personally supervise guests participating in Your Nutritional Reset programme, over the
week slowly letting them become autonomous and using the most up-to-date concepts for a correct
relationship with food as well as learning how to incorporate the programme they started in Saturnia
on returning home.
During the week current dietary myths will be challenged and the importance of a proper diet shown
not just in cases where subjects are overweight but also for those of normal weight. This is because
our dietary habits have a very important impact on our quality of life, both in terms of mental and
physical well-being as well as energy and efficiency.
The real meaning of “inflammation” – the source of imbalances and general lack of well-being will also
be analyzed, in which food plays an important role. The same thing goes for premature ageing of the
cells and organs (in particular the brain), similarly closely linked to eating habits. Research has shown
that every scientific age-prevention strategy must always start with in depth anti-inflammatory activity.
During their stay at Terme di Saturnia, guests will immediately experience the advantages of following
a balanced menu, based on a nutritional programme drawn up by Dr Morandi and personalized by her
according to individual preferences and requirements. The spa’s medical team is also on hand if
A large proportion of time will also be dedicated to learning how to prepare attractive and appetizing
dishes that respect the correct nutritional rules, with “show cooking” and simulations of “balanced
days”, to be recreated at home.
This journey to restoration for each guest begins at Terme di Saturnia’s state-of-the-art spa, which
combines ultra-nurturing, regenerative thermal and mud therapies with up to the minute medical
facilities and technology. Thoughtful design elements reflect the underlying principle of establishing
a harmonious connection between mind, body and soul to facilitate wellbeing. Evocative installations
by artist Herbert Hamak, chromotherapeutic lighting and sensitive interior design by Parisotto &
Formenton Studio all merge to create a balanced and restorative environment for guests.
Reflecting its truly holistic approach, guests have a personal consultation on arrival with one of
Terme di Saturnia’s dedicated team of expert practitioners, with backgrounds in fields including
dermatology, psychiatry and cardiology. Careful consideration is given to each guest’s current
physical, mental and spiritual health, before a programme is devised to restore and maintain their
psycho-physical balance through the five equally fundamental and integral elements of
hydrotherapy, stress management, diet, beauty and fitness.
A comprehensive range of fully integrated wellbeing programmes can be tailor-made for the needs
and goals of each guest, thoughtfully designed to revitalise the senses, calm the spirit, stimulate
metabolism and let beauty shine through. The spa’s expertise in diagnostics and the anti-ageing
process is embodied by the exclusive signature Medical and Anti-Oxidant Programmes, in which the
most suitable treatments to preserve and repair are recommended accordingly. The guests is also
advised on how to maintain a healthier, balanced lifestyle as part of a ‘take home’ formula, so that a
deepened sense, and understanding, of their individual wellbeing lasts well beyond their time in
Terme di Saturnia’s latest spa innovation, the Ultimate, opened in 2009, offering guests a ‘world
away from a spa’. A haven of luxury and privacy, the Ultimate is dramatically designed in black and
dark grey oak panelling and pockets of blue and lilac-hued light. Here guests can experience exclusive
Spa treatments which mark the evolution of the hot spring rites, including the state-of-the-art
Saturnia DNA Facial which uses cryoprotein extracted from Antarctic ice; and the Saturnia Gold
Facial, the only anti-ageing treatment that harnesses the antioxidant properties of gold to restore the
skin to its original luminosity and suppleness.
Guests are encouraged to combine nourishing hydrotherapies using the mineral-infused waters with
specialist aesthetic treatments from the extensive Terme di Saturnia beauty farm menu. Those
seeking a fully holistic approach can also opt for nutritional guidance; aqua-relaxation and massage
showers to combat stress and tension; and fitness classes and training in the fully-equipped gym or
out in the picturesque Maremman hills. Terme di Saturnia’s special expertise in thermal medicine
and applied aesthetics is also incorporated into the spa’s own skincare product range, containing the
thermal plankton extract Bioglea Tm and minerals and nutrients harvested from the natural spring
Magnificent Roman baths lead out to the water park, evoking the thermal bathing rituals of the
ancient Romans who first established the ‘Salus Per Aquam’ tradition. Completing the wellbeing
experience, the resort’s heavenly, open-air water park of Jacuzzis, jets, waterfalls and thermal pools
is heated all year round by Saturnia’s hot spring waters. Every litre is packed full of 2,790 grams of
mineral salts and large quantities of hydrogen sulphate and carbon dioxide, following its long
subterranean journey through the Monte Amiata valley. As guests immerse themselves and inhale
the steamy vapours, their whole body will feel the benefits of the thermal waters, including
detoxification, natural skin exfoliation, enhanced circulation, relaxed muscles, and improved
Terme di Saturnia’s fine dining at Ristorante Aqualuce embraces the gastronomic tradition of the
region, serving exceptional Tuscan fare bursting with strong, authentic flavours, together with a
mouth-watering range of creative and beautifully presented international dishes. Recently awarded
with One Michelin Star, Ristorante All’Aquacotta serves the Grande Carte where the Chef’s masterful
menus are a wholehearted testament to the importance of incorporating the enjoyment of food into
the journey to complete wellbeing. The spa’s professional dieticians can devise personalised dietary
menus to include light and detoxifying, delicious dishes as part of a dedicated nutritional programme.
Framed by the splendour of the Saturnia valley and blessed with the uniquely mild Maremman
climate, the resort is also an ideal year-round golf destination. Designed by celebrated golf architect
Ronald Fream, Terme di Saturnia’s new eco-friendly Championship course is set over 70 hectares of
undulating Tuscan terrain. Thanks to comprehensive conservation strategies and the environmental
preservation of natural habitats, early morning players often tee off to an abundant audience of
indigenous wildlife including deer, hares, pheasants and porcupines. The 18-hole course also features
a pitching and putting green; a driving range with the latest high-tech analysis equipment; a
professional golf instructor in residence to help players perfect their game and exclusive golf clinics.
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