Payroll Process

Version 1.1
PK education Standard Payroll Process
1. Each booking received needs to be immediately recorded on Adapt by the individual
responsible for the booking.
2. Each booking filled needs to be updated on Adapt by the individual
manager/consultant responsible for the booking.
3. At the end of the week (Friday morning between 9.00am and 10.00am) each
manager/consultant generates their personal payroll spreadsheet through Adapt and
checks each booking is correct.
4. Information that needs to be checked: correct school, correct candidate, correct
days worked (part or full day), correct pay, correct charge, correct margin, and
correct Azebra number.
5. Once the information is correct the manager/consultant generates their individual
timesheets and sends them out- this can either be by email or fax and needs to be all
sent out no later 11.00am on the Friday.
6. Any timesheets outstanding by 2pm needs to be chased up.
7. All timesheets must be received back by fax or email by 4.00pm on the Friday.
8. Once a timesheet is received it must be checked off against the booking on ADAPT
(weekly booking report) by the individual and any changes made through ADAPT.
9. Once the timesheets have all been received back, checked and any changes updated
the Business Manager must be notified that the individual payroll is closed.
10. If you feel you will be unable to obtain a signed timesheet by the cut off time; it is
the individual’s responsibility to verbally confirm with both the client and candidate
for days / hours worked. This must be then noted on PK educations copy of the
11. Once all the individual payrolls have been closed the Business Manager generates a
weekly payroll spreadsheet comprising of the individual spreadsheets and an overall
total spreadsheet all on separate tabs.
12. The Business Manager must check the individual spreadsheets total the same
amount of teacher days and margin as the total spreadsheet tab.
13. Once everything is correct the Business Manager must email the finalised
spreadsheet as an attachment to [email protected]
14. The spreadsheet must be emailed no later than 12.00pm on the following Monday.
15. The cut off point is 12.00pm. Any amendments received after this time will not be
processed and should be included in the following weeks payroll.