Historical Commission November 9, 2015
City Hall Annex – 4th Floor Conference Room
Meeting called to order at 6:40 pm
Commissioners: Co-chair Olivia Mausel, co-chair Joseph Paul, Paola Ferrario,
Alexandra Puffer, James Sheehan, Frances Welson
Associate Commissioners: Dan Fitzpatrick, Jean Jonker
Public: Chair of Planning Board Mimi Panitch, Glenn Sullivan
Commissioner Joe Paul motioned to open the meeting
Commissioner Sheehan seconded
All were in favor
Discussion of possible changes demolition delay ordinance
Looking to other communities to examine their processes was suggested.
The topic of the Clearance Review Committee was discussed and the Historical
Commission is unclear of their role.
The topic of definitions and language on the demolition delay application was
It was agreed to wait on re-examining the demolition delay ordinance until
Commissioner Intiya Isaza-Figuerora and all commissioners are present.
Commissioner Joe Paul volunteered to look into other city’s ordinances.
Commissioner Ferrario volunteered to find out more about the Clearance Review
Commissioner Mausel is going to find out how long a hearing can be open for.
Mimi Panitch left the meeting at 7:20 pm.
Discussion of previous meetings minutes from October 19, 2015
Commissioner Mausel asked for a motion to accept the minutes 10/19.
Commissioner Sheehan motioned to approve the meetings as amended.
Commissioner Puffer seconded the motion.
Discussion of previous meetings minutes from September 29, 2015
Commissioner Sheehan motioned to wait for Commissioner Intiya Isaza-Figueroa to
be present to approve the minutes from this meeting.
Commissioner Paul seconded the motion.
Discussion of previous meetings minutes from September 16, 2015
Commissioner Paul suggests that the Historical Commission record its meetings.
Commissioner Puffer will reach out to City Clerk Brenna McGee to learn more about
how minutes are kept with other groups.
Discussion of previous meetings minutes from August 12, 2015
Commissioner Paul motioned to approve the minutes as amended.
Commissioner Welson seconded the motion.
All in favor.
Brief discussion of Commissioner Ferrario’s appointment.
Brief discussion of the Historical Commission marching in the Saint Patrick’s
Day Parade.
Discussion of intern from Job Corp
Commissioner Mausel included the job description of the commission’s new intern
Intern is Dahinarra Anselmo. Her hours are Thursday 9-11 am.
Discussion of 246 Lyman Street Rehabilitation Project
Commissioner Paul and Commissioner Mausel toured the property with Dean Tech
Director, Robert Archibaugh and students and instructor from Dean Tech. They
seemed interested in getting involved with the project at a later time.
Community development may have block grants that could be used for the property.
Commissioner Mausel will follow up on this with the rest of the commission as more
information becomes available.
Commissioners Mausel and Paul met with school receiver Dr. Zrike’s chief of staff,
Stephanie Dabolos, who stated that there are funds for the Historical Commission to
include students from the Connections after school program in Historical
Commission activities.
Commissioner Paul is going to do research to find another community that has done
a similar project with a home.
Discussion of Inventory Workshop
Discussion of website and Facebook page
Commissioner Puffer suggested developing Facebook page guidelines.
Associate Jonker stated at on May 2, 2017 Mr. Elizur Holyoke would turn 400 years
old. She suggests The Historical Commission may consider beginning to plan
something to celebrate this.
Associate Jonker stated she is looking for more help in creating a grant to put the
Forestdale Cemetery on the National Registry. She presented her findings about
Civil War veterans buried there. Commissioner Paul and Commissioner Ferrario
have volunteered to help.
Commissioner Mausel passed around a letter from civil engineers from Past
Presidents Committee, about holding next year’s BSCES infrastructure day in
Holyoke. More information will be available in coming weeks.
Commissioner Paul motioned to adjourn the meeting.
Commissioner Sheehan seconded the motion.
All in favor.
Meeting ended at 8:45 pm
Respectfully submitted by Commissioner Alexandra Puffer

Historical Commission November 9, 2015