Class: Advanced English 10
Date: 3/19/10
Unit: Social Conflict – Part 2: Lord of the Flies (LotF)
Time Schedule: Regular Bell Schedule (47 min.)
Pd. 1 (8:18-9:05) & Pd. 4 (10:57-11:44)
Students will demonstrate their expertise in grammar by completing the MUG shots.
Students will further develop their understanding of the novel’s setting by
completing the Map Activity.
PA State Standards:
1.1.10.A: Purposes for Reading: Apply appropriate strategies to analyze, interpret,
and evaluate author’s technique(s) in terms of both substance and style as
related to supporting the intended purpose using grade level text.
1.1.10.D: Comprehension and Interpretation: Demonstrate comprehension /
understanding before reading, during reading, and after reading on a variety of
literary works through strategies such as comparing and contrasting text
elements, assessing validity of text based upon content, and evaluating author’s
1.3.10.C: Literary Elements: Analyze the use and effectiveness of literary elements
(characterization, setting, plot, theme, point of view, tone, mood, foreshadowing
and style) used by authors in a variety of genres.
1.5.10.E: Review, evaluate, revise, edit, and proofread writing to improve style,
word choice, sentence variety, and subtlety of meaning.
1.6.10.A: Listening Skills Discussion: Listen critically and respond to others in
small and large group situations.
65 MUG shots: Set 8 (need for 2nd period too)
1 MUG shot Set 8 Key
24 Map Activity assignment sheets
24 sheets of construction paper (1 per pair)
LotF book
1 Map Activity Key
Graded CS/TR assignments from first round
Bell Work: MUG Shots (Set 8)
Students will enter classroom and pick up their bell work folders and a copy of the
MUG shots
Students will complete Set 8 MUG shots for bell work (5 min)
Collect TTC literary essays (from those here during “Spring Break” week)
Collect TTC books (from those here during “Spring Break” week)
Collect LotF Masks and explanations (if not already submitted)
Teacher will go over the MUG shot answers (5 min)
Distribute construction paper and Map Activity assignment sheet and review
instructions (Students do not need to draw the landmarks, unless they want to,
but the assignment should be done by the end of the period. Students should
mark an X [in the color of the landmark] on the map where it is described.)
Students who were on a educational trip during “Spring Break” week may
conference with us
Return graded CS/TR 1s and collect back (for writing portfolios) after students
review them
Remind students of their homework: To read LotF Ch. 7 & 8; complete TTC Literary
Essay if not submitting it
Students’ understanding of past grammar lessons can be assessed by the MUG shots and
their participation in reviewing the answers. Students’ understanding of the text and their
responsibility in completing the reading assignments can be assessed by the Map Activity
and their contribution to the discussion with their partner. The partner discussions can be
assessed by observing their listening skills, their level of engagement, and their use of time
in this capacity.