Project Based Learning Unit

Project Based Learning Unit
Project Name: Global Games
Duration: 9 weeks
Subject: Global Studies
Grade level: 9th and 10th Graders
Other Subjects: Science, English, Business
Project Idea: Students will explore the cultural, economic, environmental, trade, and health impact of
globalization and how it has both enhanced and harm quality of life on planet Earth. Students will be
able to evaluate the impact globalization as it relates to their own lives and humans around the world.
We will explore historical events that led to globalization and use those examples to better understand
current events. For example, currently the Ebola virus has hit the West African coastal countries pretty
hard, to date over 800 people have died from this virus. Currently health care providers from the US
who went to Africa to treat infected people have themselves contracted the virus and were sent back to
the US. This current events topic is also my hook since most students have a high level of interest.
Students should have proposals on how to solve problems created by globalization and be able to make
Driving Question: Has going global improved life on Earth?
21st Century Skills:
Collaboration T&A
Presentation T&A
Critical Thinking E
Culminating Products/Performances: In teams students will present to different classes throughout the
school using a slide presentation and Q and A…each presentation should take 35-40 minutes (longer)
and students as well as teachers from other classes will have rubric to evaluate the effectiveness of the
presentations. Students will present the question: has going global improved life on Earth?
Time FrameWeek one and two- What is globalization and how did we get here
Lesson IdeasWeek three- Why trade?
Lesson ideas- Chinese silk route, Punic Wars (battle for control of trade), Delian League,
Imperialism, WWI, NAFTA, Open Door Policy, Dollar Diplomacy, The Great Recession and banking crisis,
trade with China and outsourcing of factory work (changing work force)
Debate/Socratic Seminar ideas: Trade v. self-sufficiency
Week four: Economics (need a question)
Lesson Ideas- Feudalism, Capitalism, Monarchies, Communism, Geopolitics
Debate/Socratic Seminar idea: Can capitalism be ethical?
Week five: Health (need a question)
Lesson ideas- Athenian plague, Black Death (bubonic plague), Spanish Influenza, Ebola virus, film
Contagion, MERS
Debate/Socratic Seminar Idea: speaker from county health department for Q and A
Week six: Environment (need a question)
Lesson ideasDebate/Socratic Seminar Idea:
Week seven: Is Americanization killing culture?
Lesson ideas: cultural diffusion, native cultures, McDonalds, Walmart
Debate/Socratic Seminar Idea: Is the US engaging in cultural imperialism?
Week eight: Final preparation…. Lab time, reteaching ideas to students who need extra help, research to
fill in holes in graphic organizer
Week nine: Presentations and debriefing… final evaluations of individuals, group evaluations
Monday/Wednesday- 1, 3, 5 (prep) 7 ….Workshop model
Tuesday/Thursday- 2,4,6 (prep)….workshop model
Friday 1 -7 ….debates/Socratic seminar discussions/blogging etc.
Workshop Days….
First 5 Minutes…with base groups, attendance and catch up any students who were absent
Next 10 Minutes….Current events story tied to the theme of the week with journal and reflective
Next 20-25 minutes….Mini Lesson of the day (those are centered around lesson ideas above)
30-35 minutes Work Time….Students will be using the thinking strategies for the work time, some of
time spent silently reading material and discussion protocols or other to engage around text of the day
5 Minutes…group evaluation (teaching collaboration skills)
5 – 10 minutes….Review Q and A and cover homework and next steps…exit ticket
(if there is extra time kids will have SSR time with an historical fiction novel (or non-fiction) of choice
which will be required reading for the course and tested through the Advanced Reading program…
otherwise the reading will be homework)
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