Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with the Sexual Assault Resource Centre
(SARC) at Concordia University. The SARC is an excellent volunteer opportunity and enables
you to make an active contribution to the campus community.
Please email your completed application to the volunteer coordinator at
[email protected] Twenty hours of training during September 2015 will be
mandatory for all volunteers. Additional training opportunities will be available throughout the
Please find attached information on the SARC’s mission, values, services, policies, your
commitment as a volunteer, and the application form. Please read through all of the
information on this application in order to ensure that this volunteer opportunity suits your
interests and that you are comfortable with the SARC’s policies.
Thank you again for your interest in becoming involved. If you have any further questions,
please drop by the SARC (GM 300.25 and 300.27), or contact the volunteer coordinator at
[email protected] or 514-848-2424 x 3461.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Anna Kozlowski, Volunteer Coordinator
Jennifer (JD) Drummond, SARC Coordinator
Sexual Assault Resource Centre, Concordia University
Sexual Assault Resource Centre, Concordia University
Volunteer Application Information 2015-2016
The Sexual Assault Resource Centre provides confidential and non-judgmental support to
Concordia University students, staff and faculty of all genders and orientations who have been
affected by sexual violence and/or harassment. Through education and awareness raising
initiatives, the Sexual Assault Resource Center is committed to working towards the prevention
of sexual violence and harassment. Our services include crisis intervention, advocacy,
accompaniment, outreach and referrals. We are committed to providing services that are
inclusive, appropriate and relevant to a diversity of people and survivor experiences.
The following values guide our approach to service delivery, outreach and prevention:
o Survivor-Centered: We believe that each survivor is the expert of their own life and
experiences. We support survivors in making decisions they identify as the right choices
for their individual needs.
o Feminist: We believe that preventing sexual violence and harassment begins with
critically exploring gender expectations, stereotypes and labels.
o Intersectional: To prevent sexual violence and harassment, we need to explore power
imbalances based on racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and other
intersecting expectations and stereotypes.
The Sexual Assault Resource Centre offers services for persons of all genders and sexual
orientations who are students, staff or faculty of Concordia University.
Services include:
 Crisis intervention and support for individuals who have experienced, or been affected
by, sexual violence and/or harassment
 Advocacy for survivors when accessing on and/or off campus resources for support
and/or redress
 Accompaniment for survivors who choose to involve hospital system, judicial system,
 Referrals to on- and off- campus resources for support
 Educational outreach and awareness raising activities on sexual violence and
harassment and related topics
 A resource center for information on sexual violence and harassment and related
 Volunteer opportunities
Sexual Assault Resource Centre
Volunteer Application Information 2015-2016
Volunteer Policies
The following policies are to ensure that the Sexual Assault Resource Centre volunteers are able
to provide the best possible service for our clients. The coordinator will discuss these policies
further in the volunteer interview, and is very open to answering any questions that you have
about them.
Volunteers at the Sexual Assault Resource Centre must be comfortable with and able to:
Provide services to persons of all cultural and religious backgrounds
Provide services to persons of all genders and sexual identities/orientations
Provide services to persons with any form of disability (visible or otherwise)
Maintain confidentiality both during and after volunteering at the SARC
Commit to volunteering for a minimum of one semester
Commitment as a Volunteer
Volunteers at the Sexual Assault Resource Centre will be asked to complete an interview with
the centre’s coordinator and the volunteer coordinator and attend the volunteer training.
All volunteers will complete training, which will provide information about the social and
cultural factors underlying sexual violence, the mental and physical impacts of sexual violence
on survivors and communities, active listening and support skills as well as the resources and
options available to survivors and their allies in Montreal.
Introductory training is 20 hours in length and is mandatory.
Additional training will occur as needed throughout the semester.
Meetings: Attendance volunteer meetings is mandatory.
Sexual Assault Resource Centre
Volunteer Application Form 2015-2016
Date of Birth: ___________________________________
Are you a Concordia student? Y/N Faculty/Year ___________ Student ID # _____________
Are you Concordia staff or faculty? Y/N Staff ID # __________
Telephone: _______________________
E-mail: _______________________________
Mailing Address:
What interests you in volunteering with the Sexual Assault Resource Centre?
Please list any relevant volunteer or work experience you may have:
Please discuss what personal qualities and skills you feel you could bring to the Sexual
Assault Resource Centre:
Please discuss your commitments for the upcoming school year, including academic, work
and volunteer commitments:
Please give us an idea of your current level of familiarity with the following topics on a scale
of 1-5 (5= very familiar) so that we can tailor the volunteer training to the needs of the
o Sexual violence (causes, types, impacts)
o Crisis intervention
o Active listening
o Consent education
o Bystander intervention
o Anti-oppression
o Resources available on campus for survivors of sexual violence
o Resources available in Montreal (off-campus) for survivors of sexual violence
Thank you for your time in completing this application!
The personal information on this form will be kept confidential and only accessible to the SARC
coordinator and volunteer coordinator.

SARC Volunteer Application (Word)