Mr Joseph Hui Kim Sung
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
(Technology & Corporate Development)
Mr Joseph Hui Kim Sung is currently the Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Technology & Corporate
Development), National Environment Agency (NEA) and he has held this post since 1 January
Mr Hui oversees six divisions/departments in NEA viz. Corporate Services & Development
Division, Customer & Quality Service Division, Environment Technology Office, Human Resource
Division, Industry Development & Promotion Office and Singapore Environment Institute. His
responsibilities include coordinating and enhancing environmental research & development as
well as harnessing the use of technology for NEA’s work. They also include overseeing and
coordinating the operations of Corporate Services & Development Division and Human Resource
Division NEA to achieve organisational excellence; providing direction, coordination and guidance
on the provision of quality environmental training to enhance the competency of NEA staff;
promoting knowledge transfer between regional and international partners; providing direction,
coordination and guidance on quality service to achieve customer service excellence across the
whole of NEA; and enhancing environmental industry development and promotion both locally
and overseas.
Mr Hui started his career as an Engineer with the then Anti-Pollution Unit (APU) under the Prime
Minister’s Office in May 1977. He became a part of the Ministry of Environment (ENV) in 1986
when APU was merged with ENV. When the National Environment Agency (NEA) was formed in
2002, he was transferred to NEA from ENV. He held various key appointments prior to his current
appointment as Deputy Chief Executive Officer, including Chief Engineer in 1991, Head (Strategic
Planning & Research Department) in 2000 and Director (Pollution Control Department) in 2004.
In 2007, Mr Hui was appointed Director-General of Environmental Protection Division (DGEP).
As DGEP, Mr Hui was responsible for overseeing the Environmental Protection Division in NEA.
His responsibilities then included overseeing an integrated solid waste management system
covering the operation and maintenance of the waste-to-energy plants and an offshore sanitary
landfill; implementing programmes on waste minimization & recycling, energy efficiency, clean
energy, management of hazardous materials and toxic industrial wastes, pollution control and
radiation protection.
Mr Hui has many years of experience in the control of environmental pollution. He has been
instrumental in implementing various control measures to protect the environment in Singapore to
ensure it remains one of the most liveable cities in the world. These measures include the
installation of the telemetric air quality monitoring system and the in-stack pollutant emission
monitors which enabled NEA to receive 24/7 real time information on the concentration of
pollutants in the ambient air as well as the stack gases respectively.
Mr Joseph Hui was a UK Colombo Plan scholar and a Canada Commonwealth scholar. He
obtained his Bachelors degree with honours in Mechanical Engineering (2 nd Upper) from the
University of Leeds (UK) in 1975 and his Masters of Engineering (Environmental Science) from
University of Western Ontario (Canada) in 1981. Mr Joseph Hui was awarded the Public
Administration Medal (Silver) in 2004 and the Long Service Medal in 2011.

Mr Joseph Hui was appointed Director