Aquaculture, Horticulture, and Golf Technology
Come find out how new innovations such as Genetically Modified Organisms GMOs (the Frankenstein
plant or animal) affect the fields of aquaculture, horticulture, and golf course technology. A genetically
modified organism, also known as a GMO, is any organism that is the product of genetic recombination.
In the U.S. many food crops and animals are now GMOs. Are GMOs safe? Can we eat them?
Environmentalists are concerned. In fact, some countries have banned the production and importation of
GMOs. Come listen and learn about GMOs and decide for yourself.
Hands-on activity: Passing around foods and products where students try to pick out which are GMO
and which are not and then discuss their choices.
Did you know that if you unravel all the DNA within your cells, you could reach the moon 6000 times or
that it would take a person typing 60 words per minutes, 8 hours per day, for 50 years to type out the
genetic code for your body?
Hands-on activity: Students use their Super Powers to crack open strawberry cells and extract DNA.
Chemistry, Physical Science & Biofuels
Students see and learn about the Super Powers that are involved in the process of converting used
cooking oil into biodiesel fuel.
Hands-on activity: Students use their Super Powers to perform one of the conversion steps that
produces biodiesel from waste cooking oil.
Political Science
Hear about the exciting world of political science, the super powers involved, and how it relates to
everyday life. Join our professors as they discuss political science as an academic discipline and about
the different topics across the field of political science. Explore different career opportunities for those
that major in political science and what life may look like during and after college.
Hands-on activity: Students are given a “Speaker of the House” assignment – a quick, fun, hands-on
interactive activity. Discussion centers on an issue currently being debated on the House Floor and
students are asked to come up with solutions to solve the problem – a real life experience on what takes
place in different parts of the government and also demonstrates how they can and will use their Super
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
MATH = POWER! What's your super power? Let's look at the data and choose a STEM career that
appeals to you! Learn about statistics relating to your career path, including the most lucrative and
promising jobs and their salary prediction over the next 10 years.
Hands-on activity: Students fill out a brief survey of their favorite subjects now, and field of study they
are interested in pursuing in college. Then students get to see how math is an integral part of what they
want to do as a career, and why a STEM career may be the absolute best choice!

Science - Great Explorations 2015