lisiensan ga’lago – dog tag (Japanese ID pass, in Japanese, the Chamorro were required to wear
under Japanese occupation)
evangelizare pauperibus misi te – “He has sent me to evangelize the poor” (Luke 4:18) – San Vitores
(1662-72 on Guam) often referred to this phrase in his letters and supposedly said the
poorest people (spiritually and materially) were the Chamorros.
flagellation – ritual discipline of whipping the self; cilice – hairshirt or spiked metal band (ritual
religious mortification of the flesh); flagellation physics: failed self-abnegation resulting in
damage to others?
i fi’on-mu – “near you”
ahi – “no”
hale’ta (our roots) / haga’ta – our blood
mata’pang – brave, alert-eyed (post-Spanish: naughty, mischievous)
ti apmam homom – “it’s getting dark” / twilight (According to Guampedia, “the ancient Chamorro
name for [Tamuning/Tumon] was ‘Apurgan’ or ‘Apotgan.’”)
hale’ta – our roots
unialgal blooms – blooms deriving from a single algae cell (uni-algal)
apuya pale’ – Priest’s Navel (a coffin-shaped rock by Fouha Bay [Umatac] where, in legend, a priest
[not San Vitores] was killed)
chalikiles – empanada filling (veggies, coconut milk, achiote, rice, chicken, etc.)
hineksa agaga – “red rice” – made from achiote seeds which give the reddish color
* “bewildering psychodrama of the forgiving church and the intolerant military . . . massive tragedy
through wars and epidemics.” While San Vitores was alive, the islanders were not forced to convert,
but afterward they had to convert or die (the Spanish military presence/authority expanded after San
Vitores’s death) <>
puti’on – star
guihan dangkolo – large fish (in the days of i guihan dangkolo . . . )
kulepbla – snake, wickedness for Catholics
paluman – birds
guagua’ kuadrao – square (four-sided) basket
gue’ha – fan made from coconut fronds
tuhong – hat/sombrero
balas – whip or switch
hugeten manglo – pinwheel
guihan dikike’ – small fish
pina – pineapple
uhang – shrimp
apacha – grasshopper
henton ulu – coconut-weave headband
saligao – centipede
guagua’ antigu – old-fashioned/traditional basket
kuronan potta – door wreath
higai – thatched-roof weaving
haggan – turtle
katupat – diamond-shaped rice basket
rusat – rose
platu - plate
sinangan’ta – “our spoken words”

Craig Santos Perez “from tidelands” notes and