Math 8 Sample

Standard 7: SMART Goal Setting Form
Teacher’s Name: __________________________________________
Subject/Grade or Position: Mathematics/Grade 8 School Year:
Directions: This form is a tool to assist teachers in setting a SMART goal that results in measurable
learner progress. NOTE: When applicable, learner achievement/progress should be the focus of the
goal. Enter information electronically into the cells (the boxes will expand to fit the text).
Initial Goal Submission (due by _____________ to the evaluator)
I. Setting (Describe the population and
special learning circumstances.)
I teach 34 general education students in my Math 8
Of the 34 students, 11 are English Language Learners
with WIDA levels of 1, 2, or 3.
II. Content/Subject/Field Area (The
area/topic addressed based on
learner achievement, data analysis,
or observational data.)
III. Baseline Data (What is shown by
the current data?)
Based on last year’s SOL scores, there is an
achievement gap between those with WIDA scores
below 4 and other students.
Mathematics/Math 8
Probability & Statistics
The attached baseline data was compiled after
administering the APS Pre-Assessment. Each question
is linked to one of six categories (Number and Number
Sense; Computation and Estimation; Measurement;
Geometry; Probability and Statistics; and Patterns,
Functions, and Algebra).
The spreadsheet lists the 11 individual ELL students and
the number of individual correct responses to
questions from each of the Virginia SOL categories. It
also shows the overall percentage attained by students.
The data show the weakest categories for the ELL
students are Measurement (41.82%); Geometry
(34.09%); and Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
(36.36%). Overall achievement on the assessment was
Data attached
IV. SMART Goal (Describe what you
want learners/program to
100% of my students will show improvement in their
overall achievement, as measured by the third APS
benchmark test.
My identified ELL students will show at least a 20%
increase in their achievement in the three lowest areas:
Probability and Statistics
Each of my identified ELL students will show at least a
20% increase in their overall achievement on the third
APS benchmark.
V. Means for Attaining Goal (Strategies used to accomplish the goal)
Instructional Strategy
Create language objectives for
each math lesson.
Incorporate the use of sentence
Target Date
Language objectives will be
posted, students will review
goals at the beginning/end of
the lesson.
Students will refer to sentence
frames during class discussions
and be able to represent their
thinking orally and in writing.
Document groupings based on
assessments and observations.
Use flexible grouping based on
assessments. Modify instruction
for groups based on unit tests &
quarterly benchmark data. Identify
SOL objectives in need of
Incorporate the use of visuals with Word wall will identify key math
a vocabulary word wall.
vocabulary by unit.
Teacher’s -Signature:
Evaluator’s Signature:
Print or Type Evaluator’s Name:
Principal forwards one copy to the Professional Development Office
End of Year Teacher Reflection
Data attached
Teacher’s Signature:
Evaluator’s Signature:
Print or Type Evaluator’s Name:
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