2nd Call for Participation
Spring 2016 Executive Short Study Tour to
the United States of America:
Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Emerging
Markets: Challenges and Opportunities
March 19 - 28, 2016
Designed Exclusively for MBA, EMBA, MEMBA, and OMP Participants
Lagos Business School
Pan-Atlantic University
Lagos, Nigeria
Hosted By:
International Business Resource Center
University of Wisconsin – Platteville
Platteville, WI 53818
United States of America
One of the missions of IBRC is to partner with educational institutions, training
centers, international managements consultants, departments and chambers of
commerce, government departments, and public corporations to provide the
required international exposure and training that will enable the institutions and
participants to compete effectively in the global market place. The exposure
also offers opportunities for international business relations and network and
insight into new and innovative business techniques, as well as helps business
executives to realign their business plans with global economic realities.
IBRC is resourced with a team of professional business consultants to handle
local and global business issues as well as provide the required platform for
companies, professionals, institutions and governments to take advantage of
opportunities in the international business environment, create business network
and offer professional advice based on experience and exposure. Our focus is
to create and add value to businesses as well as assist to establish frameworks
for private and public institutions to increase their revenue generating
Since 2006, the IBRC has worked with international institutions and governments
across America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East to create structures
that will improve local economies and international relations. The IBRC has
developed close ties with the governments of Israel, China, Singapore,
Indonesia, South Africa, Kenya, Algeria, Nigeria and the United States of
America, to mention a few. In Nigeria, we have worked with state agencies in
helping to establish effective economic development strategies as well as assist
organisations and government agencies to source for foreign direct investments
(FDI) from international organizations.
IBRC offers international studies, exchange programmes and international
educational tours for business and executive participants from local and
international institutions, with particular emphasis on Executive Education and
MBA participants from business schools around the world. The tour is designed
to provide LBS MBA and OMP participants and business owners the opportunity
to meet executives and experience other cultures first-hand. It is designed to
also offer the participants international exposure in the area of business
management, international trade, global business opportunities and trends, and
international networking within participants’ business interest.
The programme involves company visits, semi-formal discussion and training
sessions, case studies, lectures, cultural visits, shopping and general leisure to
areas of tourist interest.
In April 2015, IBRC had the seventh educational tour for Executive MBA
participants of the prestigious Lagos Business School, Pan-Atlantic University,
Lagos. The participant-centered international short study programme was
designed to augment the participants’ skills on international business
management and its challenges, as well as creativity and innovation in
managing the challenges. The programme also was aimed at providing
excellent opportunities for MBA participants and associates to observe the US
business and cultural climate first-hand through an 8-day overseas experience.
At the end of the programme, participants were expected to be able to relate
taught theories and management techniques/lessons from their MBA and OMP
programme to real-life experiences from international organisations in the United
States of America.
Approximately 30 participants participated in the tour to the United States of
America. Pre-departure briefing sessions took place at Pan-Atlantic University
Victoria Island, Lagos, where participants were given further clarification on the
objectives of the tour and information on the weather, logistics and brief
introduction to the topics and lectures they were scheduled to attend.
The tour included visits to a variety of companies from retailing to financial
services and manufacturing. Tour participants also came in contact with a
variety of organisations including foreign multinationals, joint ventures,
government owned enterprises, and American conglomerates. The theme of
the tour was Sustaining Entrepreneurship Development in the Emerging Markets.
The course locations were Chicago, Illinois; Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin.
The following are some private and public institutions visited, where lectures
were received during the period the participants were in the USA.
DePaul University, Kellstadt, Graduate School of Business, Chicago.
Theme: Effective Global Communication Skills in Management
McCormick Chamber of Commerce, Chicago: Clifford B. Ruffin, President
Continental Africa Chamber of Commerce, Chicago
EPIC WORLD Headquarters
Kellogg Executive MBA Global Network, Chicago: Meeting with Elmer
Almachar, Director of Executive MBA Programme and Suzzanne Waller,
Associate Director
University of Wisconsin Discovery Center
Design Concepts Inc.
Harley Davidson Headquarters, Milwaukee.
Shopping at Walmart, JC Penny, Arlington Heights, etc.
Wisconsin State Capitol
Global Water Council
Briggs and Stratton
The tour included dinner at Dynamic Africa Restaurant at 1127 W Thorndale
Road, Chicago and other restaurants of choice selected by tour participants.
Participants were lodged at Embassy Suites Hotel Downtown Chicago, 600 North
State Street Chicago, Illinois 60611 (while in Chicago); and Madison Concourse
Hotel and Governor’s Club, 1 West Dayton St, Madison, Wisconsin, 53703.
The 2015 Tour was 100% self-sponsored by the participants which covered the
Entry Visas
Single room accommodation
Local transportation and logistics
Guided tour and cultural visits
Breakfast and lunch
Arrival reception
Lectures and certificates
* Airfare is subject to change
Personal expenses (shopping, additional meals, souvenirs, telephone, etc.) were
not included in the tour budget. The 2015 tour was adjusted to include more
case studies, teamwork exercise, and expanded lectures by business executives
and professors.
All the participants returned to Nigeria at the conclusion of the programme.
The 2016 (spring) LBS USA Educational Tour Programme
Following the success of the LBS Executive MBA Educational Tour 2015, the
International Business Resource Center (IBRC) is partnering with Lagos Business
School to organize another Educational Tour of the United States of America
(USA) scheduled for March 2016 for OMP, MBA, EMBA, and MEMBA participants
of Lagos Business School, Lagos.
The theme for 2016 programme is Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the
Emerging Markets: Challenges and Opportunities.
Nigeria can be a very rewarding market for US companies and businesses that
take the time and effort to understand market conditions and opportunities, find
the right partners and clients, and take a long-term approach to market
development. With strong growth prospects in many industry and service
sectors, underserved market segments, a growing and increasingly
sophisticated consumer base, and a strong affinity for US products and
American culture, opportunities are impressive; but so are the challenges
including inadequate energy and transportation infrastructure, weak institutions,
the threat of crime and corruption, and reoccurring episodes of regionalized
political instability and violence. Nevertheless, those US companies and
businesses that take a careful and informed approach to the market can do
well and develop longstanding and profitable business relationships and
operations in Nigeria.
The 2016 spring programme is designed to expose participants to the styles,
systems relationships, partnerships, products and services that can be harnessed
and “imported” to take advantage of local opportunities. The programme will
enable them have first-hand knowledge, understanding and experience of how
companies and institutions are run and managed efficiently to maximize good
returns on investment, their strategies for sustainable growth, and general global
economic outlook. Participants are expected to exercise their business analysis
and management skills in practical and real life – real world circumstances.
At the end of the programme, participants should be able to:
Identify investment and value creation opportunities in their local
Understand and develop strategies that will sustain their businesses and
ensure growth
Develop relationships and network with international/American
companies with a view to creating synergies between these institutions
Enhance and develop their entrepreneurial skills
Relate with companies and practical business cases which they had
reviewed and studied in school
Refresh to face real world business challenges and opportunities
Leverage their knowledge of Nigerian market to develop ideas on goods
that can be marketed to the Americas
Benefit from the opportunity to attract mid-sized businesses to the
emerging market - Nigeria
The 2016 spring tour is planned for Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee & Madison,
Wisconsin. The tour format will include case studies, lectures by professors and
business executives, networking, and teamwork. Tour destinations will include
visits to:
Major Business Schools
Venture Capital institutions
GE - Wisconsin
Kraft Food, Madison
Harley Davison
Design Concepts
Foley & Lardner LLP
Illinois Department of Commerce, Chicago
Wisconsin Department of Commerce, Madison
Manpower Organisation
Public Institutions
Ex-Im Bank Information
Research Centers
Other destinations to be determined by IBRC and LBS
The tour will also include cultural excursions and visits to tourist centers around
Chicago and Madison. Participants will have the opportunity to do some
shopping in Chicago and Madison, as well as offer suggestions on how to make
the tour more interesting and rewarding.
Only participants who attend all programmes are entitled to a certificate at the
completion of the programme.
The 2016 programme fee is:
$4725 per participant plus $1900 deposit for airfare* If you are not holding
a valid Visa to United States
$6510 per couple (one LBS participant and one legal spouse) plus $3800
deposit for airfare if you are not holding a valid Visa
$4425 if you are holding a valid US Visa plus $1900 if you are traveling with
the group
$4425 if you holding a valid visa and are making your travel arrangements
*Airfare is subject to change
Please note the airfare is subject to change.
This program fee must be paid prior to interview dates.
A legal spouse is the wife/husband of a qualified participant of the MBA, EMBA,
MEMBA Programmes of the Lagos Business School. Child/children is a legal
dependent of qualified participants. All fees are refundable except application
and visa fees.
The programme fee includes:
Room Accommodations
Ground and local transportation and logistics
Guided tours and cultural excursions
Breakfast & Lunch
Some refreshments
Briefings and certificates of participation from IBRC and partnership
Visa fees
Personal expenses (additional meals, shopping, souvenirs, private visits, etc) are
not included in the overall fee. Visa processing and airfare will be handled by
an appointed experienced local agency approved by the IBRC and LBS. LBS
will handle preliminary screening. IBRC will facilitate visa procurement at the
American Consulate in Lagos, and the US Embassy in Abuja and local logistics in
the United States.
All participants MUST BE:
Bona fide MBA, EMBA, OMP, or MEMBA participants of Lagos Business
Legal spouses or children of participants (stated above)
The following documents will be required to complete the application process:
Completed 2016 Executive Educational Tour Application Form A
2 copies of data pages of participant’s international passport (including
spouse’s, where applicable)
A copy of the Letter of Admission to Lagos Business School
A copy of the Marriage Certificate for couples
Completed and executed IBRC Guarantee Form (See Form A)
Completed 250-500 word Statement of Purpose
All participants (including spouses) will be pre-screened by Lagos Business
School and the IBRC, and later by the US Embassy. Screening may involve
enquiries and collection of further information from participants’ employers,
friends and associates, and may require full and unreserved disclosures about
participants’ personal and social lives.
Statement of Purpose
Interested applicants are required to submit, as part of the application process
a 250-500 word statement of purpose. Please address how this international
experience will help you acquire your degree and how you plan to use your
experiences to enhance your education at LBS upon your return. In addition,
please state how you plan to relate your present and future career goals to your
experience from this study tour.
Children Fees
Please contact program directors for appropriate program fees, qualifications,
and requirements for children.
July 21, 2015 –
September 30, 2015
Completion and submission of IBRC tour
application forms and payment of $630
Application Commitment and Visa Fee (per
Please note, the application fee is a part of
your programme fees.
October 1, 2015
Please note the late application fee takes
affect from October 1, 2015: $100
Total: $730
First Payment Schedule
First installment: $2,000 due by October 30,
Completion of Confidential IBRC Visa
Application Form B for group appointment
date. Due Date: November 30, 2015
*Please note: In order to ensure no increase in
programme cost, application and payment deadlines
are strictly enforced. Participants who fail to meet
final payment deadlines are subject to a $100 late
Second Payment
November 30, 2015
Final Payment Schedule
Final Payment: $1,900 due by January 30,
November 26, 2015
Pre-orientation, Lagos Business School
January 16, 2016
January 20, 2016
IBRC issues official letter of invitation to
qualified and accepted participants for visa
Submission of all travel documents and
details to IBRC
**February 11-10, 2016
Tentative date for group visa interview at the
US Embassy/Consulate
February 15 - March 15, Procurement of flight tickets: Please note,
once air tickets are purchased airfares are
March 19, 2016
Departure from MMA to United States
March 28, 2016
Departure from United States to Nigeria
Refund Policy
All fees are refundable except for the
application commitment fee if participants
withdraw before February 10, 2016, less LBS
Service Charge. After February 10, IBRC/LBS
reserve the right to charge a 10% withdrawal
fee, inclusive of the application fee.
**Date is tentative and subject to availability from the US Embassy in Lagos.
A detailed programme brochure and programme schedule will be forwarded to
each participant prior to attending the visa interview. It is recommended that
applicants pay their deposits as early as possible in order to ensure that a
participant space is secured. No late applications will be accepted after
November 30th.
Medical Insurance
Medical expenses in the United States for both residents and non-residents are
expensive. It is recommended that participants for this programme obtain
insurance coverage. Information on this should be sent to all qualified
applicants at a later date.
Disability Accommodations
To request disability accommodations contact the IBRC at 608.342.1597 or
[email protected]
The International Business Resource Center (IBRC) is an equal opportunity
employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, color,
handicap, marital status, sex, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, arrest
record, conviction record or membership in the National Guard, state defense
force or any other reserve component of the military forces of Washington or
United States.
For further enquiries and applications, kindly contact:
Lagos Business School
International Business Resource Center
Ify Chukwukelu
Professor Louis Nzegwu
Administrator/Assessor (EMBA)
Executive Director
Lagos Business School
University of Wisconsin – Platteville
Tel: 07080070529
1139 Ullsvik Hall
Email: [email protected]
1 University Plaza
Jane Akpan
Platteville, WI 53818
Administrator (MEMBA)
Tel: 1-608-342-1597 or 1-608-342-1465
Lagos Business School
Fax: 1-608-342-1529
Tel: 08024783182
Website: www.uwplatt.edu/ibrc
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected] or
[email protected]
Ikeogoli Adeyoyin
Administrator (MBA)
Lagos Business School
Tel: 07080070532
Email: [email protected]
Dianabasi Akpainyang
Alumni Relations
Tel: 08129120797
Email: [email protected]