Tour Date Change and Payments Due!

Tour Date Change: March 12th-15th.
The change happened for the very exciting Broadway Show students will now get to see:
Mary Poppins!
Everything else will stay the same:
 All Breakfasts and Dinners included (except at the Kalahari).
 Work with Dr. Lucy Thayer at UW-Stevens Point: perform exchange concert.
 Tour State Capital: perform there.
 Lunch and shopping on State Street.
 Tour Chazen Museum of Art.
 See “Mary Poppins”.
 Perform exchange concert with another high school.
 Enjoy Kalahari Resort and Waterpark.
Total Tour Price: $400
Payment Due: September 21st: $120
Payment Due: November 9th: $120
Payment Due: January 11th: $110
***If you are just joining tour now: please pay $170 for your first payment Sept. 21st.
People attending tour already paid a $50 deposit in the spring.
Chaperones pay the same: $400: but they are 2 to a room instead of 4 (the students are 4 to a
room). If the new dates or price cause any conflict to chaperones please tell me and we will
work out the details. I really appreciate all help in making sure the choir continues to have
touring opportunities! 
Fundraising: Candy is still available and all balances from last year can be applied to payment 1
(they are attached to this sheet) and the student can continue to fundraise for the other 2
payments. The Sing-A-Thon will also still occur this fall for students to get pledges for singing
through the night and that can be applied to the 2nd or 3rd payment.
***Please put on your check the amount deducted from your students account. If your student isn’t on the
list: they don’t have any money in their account as they probably used it for Chanhassen. Thank You!
Questions, concerns, or items Ms. Route should know: Please contact her at:
[email protected], 715-796-5383 ext. 107