General Chemistry - Unit 4 Lab Separation of Mixtures

General Chemistry - Unit 4 Lab
Separation of Mixtures
Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to investigate methods of separating a heterogeneous
mixture of substances by exploiting unique physical properties.
Procedure: You'll be given a mixture of the six solid materials you've previously observed.
You are to implement your plan for separating the materials in the mixture using
equipment available in the classroom.
Directions: Each time you successfully separate a material from the mixture, place this
separated material in a small pile on a paper towel. The materials that you separate do not
have to be 100% pure, but they should be as pure as possible.
Conclusion and Analysis:
1. Write step-by-step instructions that would allow someone else to separate all six solids
using the same set of equipment.
2. Suppose that you have a sample of water in which an unknown solid substance has been
dissolved. Describe a procedure that you would use to effectively separate the substance
from the water.
3. Using complete sentences, discuss the difference between filtration, evaporation and
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