Fabrication and Evaluation of Rectifying Characteristics
of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) doped with Lithium Chloride
(LiCl) Schottky Diode
Laith M. Rasheed
Pollution and Environmental Dept.
College of Science
Al-Muthanna University / Iraq
Abdulameer K. Farhood*
Physics Dept.
College of Science
Al-Muthanna University / Iraq
*e-mail : [email protected]
Keywords: PVA polymer , Schottky diode, I-V characteristics, Cu/PVA/AL, barrier height, optical
properties .
In this study thin film of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) doped with Lithium Chloride (LiCl) with
percentage of (0.2 wt %) prepared as Schottky diode with copper (Cu) and Aluminum (AL)
electrodes have been studied.
The current-voltage characteristics of the Cu/PVA/AL structure are investigated and can be
explained in terms of the charge transport mechanism operating in the PVA polymer film in
the different voltage regions and different temperatures (303-343K).
The ideality factor (n) , series resistance (Rs), saturation current( Io), barrier height (fBP)
electron affinity ( ) and ionization potential (Is) have been measured and they found to be
( 3.2, 2x1011 ohm , 1.3x10-11 amp, 0.34 eV, 3.04 eV and 4.4 eV ) respectively .
From the studied optical properties, the optical energy gap was found to be (1.53 eV).
Also from the temperature dependence of current-voltage characteristics, the activation
energy is found to be (0.67 eV).