The Twelve Rays of God
Rev Marilyn Morgan
[email protected]
The Twelve rays of God or Yod are a wonderful gift from the divine creator.
They are made up of high level frequency band of a type of energy light source
that comes from source or the Divine center. It resonates on an extremely high
vibration. During Atlantian times it was accessible along with the 14 chakras. It
works connected to our personal chakra points. They all have to be aligned.
Up until 1991 only seven of the rays were able to reach our solar system and
filter to our planet. On January 26th 1991, the five higher rays connected with and
were then anchored right into the earth. This crystalline activation works with the
earth elements and the different Crystals that are present. The main one is the
Diamond. Its prismatic hues link to the ancient wisdom from Love and the outer
above realm. The above realm is heaven and the eithers. It connects us with our
higher self. The angels our ancestor, ascended masters and fairy realm are all
connected. The fairies are closer connected with the earth and Crystal rock
people as well as the animal kingdom. We now and since then have had all twelve
rays to help us to work with the Divine and bring us into a higher consciousness.
On December 21st 2012 The Golden Age Started. We are able to use these fully
along with our seven higher chakras as a grounding and enlightening gateway
access point. The elements reside in us. The Crystals are in place within us and
have to be activated consciously. The Rays are extremely intense now! That is
why because of the veil being lifted, we are able to get information from Gods
realm of knowledge quicker. You have to tune into this vibration. The blue light
energy works on and with this.
Because of this higher attunement that transforms and transmutes we can heal
and be healed at a quicker rate. We ascend in a higher consciousness state .We
start living in a through our higher selves until we are permanently living in our
higher self, state of being.
Our chakras and the 12 rays
Humans have lived in the 3rd dimension and the lower three chakras for way too
long. It sustains the Maya drama of pain and suffering.
1. Understand what you must do.
2. Understand the lower chakra aspects that have to be released and the 12 rays.
3. Learn how the auric field and the chakras relate to each other.
4. Learn about the higher aspects of the chakras that need to be integrated and
bring the chakras into harmony and balance
5. Understand how the rays and the masters and angels connected with them can
help you.
Your 4 bodies return to balance your mental emotional/breath work/ physical
the food we eat yoga/ spiritual meditation w the 3 yoga’s
We must create our manifestation in the 3rd 4th and 5th dimension
6. Create your pyramid of power in the 5th dimension by passing the distortions of
the 3rd and 4th dimensions.
7. Understanding universal laws
8. Receive abundance and prosperity through manifesting
9. Create a personal pyramid of light in the 5th dimension. This is for your personal
wellness with healing and renewal
10. Learn how to use the gemstones associated with the Rays and chakras to align
and balance and restore optimal health.
Work with color light healing, blue light energy healing and color
1. First- Ray of the divine Mother / Color Red to Blue= Magenta. Lord of the 1st Ray, El Moray is the
Teacher who embodies the will Of God or Yond. The Angel St. Michael arches Angel of
construction and protection. This is a powerful ray that needs to be handled with caution. It is
one of initiation and vitality. Learn to accept and know divine purpose in life. Crystal-Clear
Quartz. Connects with the 5th Chakra of the Throat. Speak your truth.
2. Second- Ray of Wisdom/ Color Deep Blue. Ascended Master Lord Lento Lord of the 2nd Ray
teaches wisdom and Love. Ascended Master Djwal Khol assists. Intense radiance and
illuminated studies. Connected with the Crown 7th Chakra.
3. Third-Ray of Beauty and Divine Love and abstract thinking. Color Yellow/ Ascended Master Paul
the Venetian teaches us to learn compassion Deep philosophy and Metaphysics. Connected to
the 4th Heart Chakra
4. Forth Ray of Harmony Through Conflict. /Color Green/ Master Seripis Bey Lord of the 4th Ray
helps us to release our souls from self-indulgence and teaches discipline. Connected to the base
1st Chakra.
5. Fifth Ray of Science and Wisdom/Color Orange. Ascended Master Hilarion teaches Healing and
truth. The Arch angel is Raphael. Crystal is citron. Learn Power of Healing, Joy and love of Truth.
The action is of Solar light. Mother Mary serves this ray. Connected to The 6th Chakra of the third
eye ( The penal gland)
6. Sixth ray of Sacred Harmony and Divine Service. Color-Gold-Ruby flame of unconditional Love.
Lady Master Nada serves as keeper of this ray and Mary Magdalene works with this ray. Aurora
Goddess of Selfless Service helps here. Ministerial Holy Service is associated with the divine 6th
Ray. Connected to the 3rd Chakra of Solar Plexus
7. The Sacred Violet Flame Ray/ Color-Violet. Master St Germaine teaches transformation. mercy
and forgiveness with Lady Amethyst. Chrystal is Amethyst. This is the Seat of The Soul.
Connected to 2nd Chakra the Seat of the Soul.
8. The Cleansing Ray-/Color-Sea foam Green. Works on physical, mental, emotional
transformations. It cleans out un-needed habits, traits and body mind spirit debris.
9. The Ray of Joy-Color-Blue Green. Sagittarius Higher Learning, release, freedom and the
attraction of Body of Light.
10. The Ray of Anchoring the Body of Light-Color Pearlescent, inviting the soul to merge with the
higher self.
11. The Ray of the Bridge of the New Age-Color Pink Orange
12. The I Am Ray- Color Gold en Shiny Rainbow. Anchoring the New Age and the I Am
Consciousness. Goddess Iris of The rainbow works with this.
When we heal with the Rays our auridic fields become filled w the clear, bright
colors of the chakras and the rays. These colors blend together and we become a
glorious stream and column of light. We radiate this love and light to the earth.
Humanity and all life forms. We assist all our brothers and sisters to bring balance
and harmony into their lives. . We lift up the earth and all life with us. We are
more powerful than we know!
Ascended Master and earth keeper Sister Michelle a prophet and messenger of
arch angel Michael and Sananda passed in 2011 “you have the ability to create all your dreams,
your desires”
and bring them into fruition in the glory of your divine god self, which is
who you are. You must create with in the love of your sacred heart. You must
remain in love, joy and you will open the doors to all that you Desire. St Michael
We are more power full than we know! May you flow in the river of life, in the
love of your sacred heart. All my love and blessings, Michelle
Divine Love and Light Blessings, Rev Marilyn Morgan

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