University of Maryland, School of Dentistry, Population Analysis

Population Analysis, K. Ray
Population Analysis Elements
1. Course name: Coaching through the Progressive Disciplinary Action Process
2. Subject matter:
Providing feedback to direct reports
3. Intended audience:
Supervisors at the University of Maryland, School of Dentistry
4. Age range: 40’s – 60’s
5. Does it matter?
Since the audience is from the Baby Boomer and Gen X generations, there may be a
range of comfort with technology.
6. Education range: High School diploma through 4-year college degree
7. Does it matter?
Design elements can be based on an assumption that participants will be able to read and
8. Why would this population be interested in taking this course?
The practical application of the information will be immediately available.
9. Why would this population not be interested in taking this course?
The subject matter addresses an adversity to conflict which participants must confront.
10. What is there about this population that has the potential to make this course a
The staff generally does not receive training and has asked for practical opportunities to
11. What is there about this population that has the potential to ruin this course?
Lack of support from upper management to attend this course, or lack of opportunity due
to do other, higher priority work may create issues in the success of this program.
12. Other distinguishing characteristics of this population: NA
13. Other concerns
• Ethnicity: diverse, black and white
• Gender: mostly women
• Language: English
• Literacy: diverse levels of writing ability
• Cost: development, training and staff salary with minimal material costs
• Implementation time (when it is offered): beginning of the day or lunchtime
• Implementation length (course length): 60 minutes
Population Analysis, K. Ray
• Internal or external politics: staff is Corporate and State, supervisors may have different
standards to follow with discipline
• Transportation: all supervisory staff is at one location
• ADA: no known issues, facilities meet all ADA Federal guidelines
• Motivation: strong desire by staff to learn
• Culture: training is not generally provided, schedules are typically very demanding
14. What do I still not know about this population that I should know? NA