Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Magyar Tudományos Akadémia, MTA)
1. The application is submitted by: Cseh József
(Name of the Hungarian Host PI Researcher, i.e. leader of the research group)
2. The proposed research plan would be realized at:
MTA ATOMKI, Debrecen, Bem tér 18/C
(Affiliation of the host PI researcher, leader of the research group)
3. Name of the Distinguished Guest Scientist to be invited:
4. Date of birth of the Distinguished Guest Scientist:
/ 05
6. Citizenship(s): Brazilian, French
5. Nationality: Brazilian, Hungarian
7. Current appointment and/or status: Professor of Physics, University of Sao Paulo
8. Highest academic degree (Type (PhD, etc.), Field, Institute, Country): PhD, Full Professor, Nuclear Physics,
Institute of Physics, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
9. List of max. 5 major publications of the Distinguished Guest Scientist (Authors (all), Title, Journal, Vol. , No ,
pp. - , Month, Year, DOI, website):
1. R. Raabe1,2, J. L. Sida1,10, J. L. Charvet1, N. Alamanos1, C. Angulo3, J. M. Casandjian4, S. Courtin5, A. Drouart1, D.
J. C. Durand1, P. Figuera6, A. Gillibert1, S. Heinrich1, C. Jouanne1, V. Lapoux1, A. Lepine-Szily7, A. Musumarra6, L.
Nalpas1, D. Pierroutsakou8, M. Romoli8, K. Rusek9 & M. Trotta8
No enhancement of fusion probability by the
neutron halo of 6He. Nature (London)
, Londres, v. 431, n. 7010, p. 823-826, 2004. doi:10.1038/nature02984
2. Elastic transfer: A nondispersive component in the optical potential, and its effect on the C-12+Mg-24 elastic
scattering , Lepine-Szily, A; Hussein, MS; Lichtenthaler, R; Cseh, J; Levai, G; PHYSICAL REVIEW
LETTERS Volume: 82 Issue: 20 Pages: 3972-3975, 1999. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.82.3972
3. Mass measurement of Sn-100, Chartier, M; Auger, G; Mittig, W; Lepine-Szily, A; Fifield, LK; Casandjian, JM;
Chabert, M; Ferme, J; Gillibert, A; Lewitowicz, M; MacCormick, M; Moscatello, MH; Odland, OH; Orr, NA; Politi,
G; Spitaels, C; Villari, ACC) ; PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Volume: 77 Issue: 12 Pages: 2400-2403,
1996 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.77.2400
4. Mass measurement far from stability. Mittig, W; Lepine-Szily, A; Orr, NA; ANNUAL REVIEW OF
NUCLEAR AND PARTICLE SCIENCE Volume: 47 Pages: 27-66 ;1997. DOI:
5. Elastic scattering and total reaction cross section for the 6He + 27Al system. E.A. Benjamima, A. Lépine-Szilya,
D.R. Mendes Juniora, R. Lichtenthälera, V. Guimarãesa, P.R.S. Gomesb, L.C. Chamona, M.S. Husseina, ,A.M. Moroc,
A. Arazid, I. Padronb, e, J. Alcantara Nuñeza, M. Assunçãoa, A. Barionia, O. Camargo Jr.a, R.Z. Denkea, P.N. de
Fariaa, K.C.C. Piresa. Physics Letters B
, v. 647, p. 30-35, 2007.
10. Highest research achievements and scientific awards of the Distinguished Guest Scientist (Please indicate title,
organisation and year):
2007-2011 Director of the Open Laboratory of Nuclear Physics of University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Pelletron
Accelerator, which was practically inactive due to an accident in 2005, was reformed during this period and is
running now at maximum energy.
2001- Principal Responsible for the planning, purchase and installation of the first and only radioactive ion
beam facility in the Southern hemisphere: Radioactive Ion Beams in Brasil (RIBRAS), which consists of 2
superconducting solenoids of 6.5T.
1999-05 Member of the C2 -Commission on Symbols, Units, Nomenclature, Atomic Masses and Fundamental
Constants (SUNAMCO) of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP).
2001-03 Member of Commission of Physics of the Federal Ministry of Education.
2002-05 Member of the University Faculty Council., of the University of Sao Paulo.
2005- Member of the IUPAP Working Group 9 on International Cooperation in
Nuclear Physics (WG9-ICNP), representing Latin America.
2006-2008 Member of the Working Group on Nuclear Physics of the Global Science
Forum, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
2008- Member of the C12 -Commission on Nuclear Physics of the International Union of Pure and Applied
Physics (IUPAP).
2011- Elected Secretary of C12 of IUPAP
2010- Founder and elected Chair of ALANPA- Association of Latin American Nuclear Physics and
Arany János Érem, MTA, 2010.
11. Research and achievements of the Distinguished Guest Scientist related to the research plan:
Following a theoretical prediction on the hyperdeformed state of the 36Ar nucleus by the Host Researcher and
collaborators (Phys. Rev. C70, 034311, 2004), a joint work with the Guest Scientist and collaborators resulted in a
very strong experimental candidate for this exotic shape (Phys. Rev. C80, 034319, 2009; Phys. Rev. C80, 034320,
2009) . As a result, today the 36Ar nucleus is (one of the) best example(s) to show normal, superdeformed and
hyperdeformed shapes. These results were presented also in Hungarian in the Természet Világa (142, 1, 2011.
január, 14. o; 142, 5, 2012. május, 200).
12. Earlier co-operations and contacts between the Distinguished Guest Scientist and the Hungarian Host PI
There was no formal collaboration so far between the Guest and Host Scientists, only a few
overlaps in conferences, and few-days visits to Hungary resulted already three joint publications.
Therefore, it is hoped that a real working visit of the Guest Scientist would be very fruitful.
12. The joint research plan in Hungary
a. Purpose of proposed research
We plan to carry out basic research in nuclear physics, which sits right in the intersection
of structure and reaction studies, experimental and theoretical investigations. The combination
of these complementary approaches can be extremely useful, and are represented by the
experiences of the Guest and Host Scientists.
b. Proposed research plan with timetable
i) We plan to investigate the exotic shapes of light nuclei, their interrelation with the cluster structure,
which is directly connected to the reaction channels in which they can be populated or into which they can decay.
Thus from structure theory to reaction experiments a great deal of the nuclear research is applied in a
combined study.
ii) Search for symmetries in scattering process. This is a brand new idea, and it can start during the planned
visit, but most probably it will conclude later.
iii) Experimental studies together with the Debrecen researchers. (To be specified later on.)
c. Expected results and impacts
In each of the three issues planned in the previous paragraph we plan to publish scientific papers.
In topic i) one or more papers can be completed during the visit, and be submitted to the Physical Review
(Letters or/and C). In the two other topics publications are likely with some delay. They can be submitted
either to the Physical Review or-and to the Nature.
13. Envisaged period of the joint research work in Hungary (starting time, ending time, length in months:
1 October 2012 to 1 January 2013 , 3 months.
14. Maximum funding requirement: as indicated in the call for application.
personal payment+return plane ticket = total requirement
15. Working language: English + Hungarian
16. Hungarian language ability of the Distinguished Guest Scientist (5: excellent …….1: poor)
17. Past stay(s) of the Distinguished Guest Scientist over 3 months in Hungary
18. Mailing address of the Distinguished Guest Scientist
a. Office
Rua do Matao, Travessa R 187. CEP 05508-090 Cidade
Universitaria, Sao Paulo, Brasil
b. Home
Rua Luis Alberto Martins 359 CEP 05530-030
São Paulo, Brasil
Tel: 55-11-3091-6952
Fax: 55-11-3031-2742
email: [email protected]
Tel: 55-11-3721-0915
Fax: Email [email protected]
19. If the Distinguished Guest Scientist has previously participated in another research programme of the
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, please indicate the name of the programme and the period of your
Name of the programme:
Period of participation:
The Distinguished Guest Scientist, and the Hungarian Host PI Researcher declare that all data in the
Application Formsheet are accurate and correct.
Distinguished Guest Scientist
NAME (Print)
Hungarian Host Researcher
NAME (Print)
Cseh József
Original or electronic signature:
Original signature:
Date of signature: 17 May 2012
Date of signature: 18 May 2012
The Host Institution provides facilities needed for the
Distinguished Guest Scientist to conduct research
activities during his/her tenure. When needed, the Host
Institution will also assist with immigration processing,
securing lodgings and other matters.
Head (Rector, Director General, Director) of the
Hungarian Host Institution
NAME (Print)
Fülöp Zsolt
Original signature:
Date of signature:
Preparation and submission procedure
1. Filling in the Application Form jointly, 2. The prospective distinguished scientist must send the application
formsheet filled and signed to the hosting researcher (electronic version is acceptable); 3. The host PI researcher signs
and submits application (together with the accompanying letter) to the head of the host institution (to the director
general of the MTA research centre, or to the director of the MTA research institute; in case of university research
groups, to the rector of the university); 4. The head of the host institution will submit the undersigned application and
the accompanying letter to the President of MTA.

Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Magyar Tudományos