Eclipse Kennel Alapaha’s,
Anna M. Kropp
220 Montrose Way
Wellington, OH 44090
Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog Sales Contract
This contract is executed on (mm/dd/yyyy) ___________________________, between
Anna M. Kropp herein called Breeder and _________________________________________,
herein called Buyer, residing at:
The Buyer and Breeder enter into and agree to the terms and conditions as set forth in this
contract. No guarantees of any type are offered or implied by this contract unless specifically
stated in writing in this contract.
The Buyer agrees to buy and the Breeder agrees to sell the following dog:
Registered Name: ______________________________________________________________
Registration #: _______________________________ Microchip/ID#: _____________________
DOB: ___________________ Sex: ______________ Color: ______________________________
Sire: ________________________________________________________#_________________
Dam: _______________________________________________________#_________________
1) This dog is being sold as a pet of breeding quality with show potential.
This puppy is considered by Anna M. Kropp to be an excellent example of
the breed.
2) The purchase price for a breeding/working/show animal will be:
3) Buyer agrees to place a non-refundable deposit on the above dog; the
deposit will prevent Breeder from selling the dog and will guarantee that
the Buyer will pay the full price of dog plus crate and shipping fees. This is
to be paid in full by the date the pups are 8 weeks old. This deposit will
be deducted from the price of the dog and is non-refundable but can be
transferred to another litter.
4) Payment is to be made with cash, bank transfer or by postal money order
Price of dog:
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Balance Due:
The Breeder’s Guarantee Is As Follows:
1. Money-Back Guarantee – A refund of 50% of purchase price in U.S. dollars will be
refunded if your breeding quality Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog receives a Shutzhund,
Ring or IWPA title. If the dog achieves Schlll, FRlll or obtains an IWPA gold medal, a 100%
refund of the purchase price is available.
2. 4 year Guarantee Against Dysplasia – If, your Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog, is found to
be crippled from dysplasia, return him/her to the Breeder – along with the ABBA papers
and we will replace the dog at no charge. (This guarantee only applies to dogs that were
X-rayed by the age of two years either OFA or PennHip). If there is any evidence of
trauma or injury this contract is void.
3. The Purchaser is responsible for routine and necessary Veterinary care from the date of
delivery of the animal. If the health of the animal is compromised due to physical
neglect or lack of/withholding of Veterinary care this contract is void.
4. If the animal exhibits a life-threatening, severely life-threatening or severely life-altering
condition which is a result of congenital defect within the first 24 months of life, Breeder
agrees to replace Buyer’s Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog with a defect free like-kind dog
from the next available litter OR refund 50% of the purchase price of the dog, whichever
the Breeder elects. No Veterinary bills or fees will be paid by the Breeder. No fees will
be charged to the Buyer for the replacement of the dog except the cost of shipping.
a. A replacement puppy or 50% refund will be provided to Buyer only if the Breeder is
provided with a written statement from a licensed veterinarian which clearly defines
any genetic or health defects. In the case that the animal is deceased, the Breeder
requires that a complete autopsy be performed to ascertain the cause of death and
documentation be forwarded to the Breeder’s veterinarian. Before euthanasia is
administered, the Breeder must be consulted or this contract is void.
5. The Buyer agrees to take good and reasonable care of the dog. This includes appropriate
housing, feeding and both physical and emotional need requirements necessary to
maintain the dog’s proper development. If there is documented evidence to the
contrary, the Breeder has the right to repossess the dog.
Please initial each of the following statements
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_______ 1. In the event that the Buyer is unable to care for the animal, the Buyer is
responsible for returning the dog to the Breeder. At no time during the life of this dog is
it for “resale” to any, pet shop, kennel, Rescue or shelter.
_______ 2. If the Buyer is found guilty of violations of the Animal Welfare or Animal
Abuse Laws, ownership of the animal will revert to the Breeder without refund.
_______ 3. If the Buyer uses the animal for the purpose of dog fighting, ownership of
the animal will revert to the Breeder without refund.
_______ 4. The Buyer agrees never to sell the animal or any progeny of the animal to
any pet store, pet farm or other similar puppy sales institution.
_______ 5. If the animal is used for breeding, the Buyer agrees to have the animals hips
and elbows examined radiographically for evidence of hip or elbow dysplasia prior to
breeding. The Buyer will provide a copy of the X-rays to the Breeder.
_______ 6. The Buyer is solely responsible for the behavior of the animal after purchase.
The Breeder retains no liability for the animal’s actions. The Breeder is not responsible
for the dog should it become lost, stolen, damaged or incur vet bills after delivery to the
_______ 7. To ensure the survival of our breeding program, Anna M. Kropp reserves
the right to breed to any breedable male pup produced or sold by us once ( 1 ) for
FREE! Any cost (i.e. vet bills, shipping or travel) incurred will be paid by Anna M.
_______ 8. All dogs produced or sold by Anna M. Kropp will carry the Eclipse Kennel
name of their registration papers. The Dog’s full name will appear as it is without any
other attached kennel names or abbreviation on any and all registration, pedigrees,
websites or advertising.
_______ 9. Breeder reserves the right to advertise pictures and/or video footage of any
dog sold or bred by us.
Limitations of Guarantee
1. This contract is made with the original Buyer only. This guarantee applies
to the original puppy only and is non-transferrable. The dog must be in
good physical condition. No replacement will be given if the male or
female has been bred, neutered, spayed or registration application form
has been lost or expired. The Buyer is responsible for transportation costs
to and from kennel.
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2. The Breeder and Buyer hereby agree that any disputes arising as a result
of this agreement shall be resolved legally and timely. The Breeder and
Buyer shall be separately and independently responsible for their own
attorney fees and proceedings shall be the place of sale. Lorain County
This contract has been read and is fully understood by both the Buyer and the Breeder.
Breeder: X___________________________________________________Date:______________
Buyer: X_____________________________________________________Date:_____________
Buyer Email_______________________________Phone:_______________________________
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Eclipse Kennel Alapaha`s, Anna M. Kropp 220 Montrose Way