Career Development Post NQT

Career Development
Produced as part of the Partnership Development Schools (PDS) Strategy Phase 3
2008-09 (Lead PDS: The Park Community School. Contact Chris Ley
Check list
 All 3 Assessments successfully
 Portfolio of Development well
 A good knowledge of what is means
to be a good effective teacher.
What Now?
 Now that you have made it through your NQT year
you could potentially have many options laid out
in front of you, for example:
 Stay put (if an option) – gain further experience
and confidence reinforcing what you have already
 Move – A fresh start in a new school giving you the
opportunity to establish yourself on an equal
footing to all other teachers.
Career Progression (1)
 For many teachers becoming solid, effective classroom
teachers on a full time basis without any additional
responsibilities is sufficient. However, as you grow in
your career you may wish to take on more within your
department or whole school.
Different Routes..
 Pastoral
 Head of Year
 Head of House
 ITT/Pupil Mentor
What else……?
Head of Department
(2nd In Department)
Organising events
Performance Management –
What is it and what does it involve?
 Who performance manages whom?
Lesson observation – choosing the focus
 Target setting – how? what targets? success
What happens if targets aren’t met?
Links with CPD
Links with salary progression
Keeping a portfolio – what evidence should be
Career Progression (2)
 What do the following mean?
UPS (Upper Pay Scale)
TLR 1, 2 (Teaching & Learning Responsibility
Excellent Teachers Scheme
NPQH (National Professional Qualification for
LfTM (Leading from the Middle – CPD for middle
Fast Track Teaching Programme
Continued Professional Development (CPD)
 Why it is important
 Whose responsibility is it? – shared between
 CPD entitlement – dependant on a number of factors – e.g.
need (personal & school); relevance; cost
 ‘In-house’ INSET
 Externally provided INSET
 Where can you get details of courses from?
 The internet
 LEA website (DES)
 External Providers – Lighthouse, Wharf Mill Training, etc.
 Roles of the Head of Department & CPD Coordinator
You decide..