Don’t throw your pumpkins in the trash!
In an effort to reduce trash costs, DPW is asking residents to NOT throw
pumpkins in the trash, but rather divert pumpkins for COMPOSTING.
Pumpkins are an organic waste (relating to or derived from living matter)
and can be composted either by placing in brown leaf bags for weekly
curbside pickup or place in backyard composter or dropped
off at the Winter Street Composting Site.
1. Remove candles and ALL decorations
2. Slice up pumpkins (accelerates decomposition)
3. Decide how you want to compost your pumpkins:
*BROWN LEAF BAGS-distribute sliced up pumpkins as evenly as possible
into brown leaf bags. Leaf bags can be purchased at grocery stores, Home
Depot, etc.. DPW picks up leaf bags curbside once a week on your regular
trash day.
*BACKYARD COMPOSTER– dig a hole in the middle of your
compost and bury sliced up pumpkins, then cover up with compost/soil. Backyard
composters can be purchased through Board of Health 781.762.1240 X174 .
*DROP OFF at Winter Street Compost Site
Place sliced up pumpkins in a plastic pail and empty in designated leaf piles at
the compost Site. See DPW Attendant. Do not leave buckets or plastic bags
behind. Open Saturdays only. Residential sticker required to use Winter Street Compost
Site. Call DPW at 781.762.1413 for more information.
DPW thanks you for diverting your pumpkins for composting.
Visit the Recycling web page at