Greetings Class of 2018!
We are all very excited about your pending arrival for orientation on Monday, August 18th. We are in the
process of getting everything on the incoming student web site up-to-date. Please take some time to
review this information. Here is the link to that site: This web site contains a lot of
information, so I wanted highlight some deadlines and important information.
Required for Enrollment
The deadline to sign up for Student Health Insurance is Monday, July 1st. Action is required by
every student whether you are enrolling in or waiving out of Student Health Insurance. If you
have your own health insurance through your parents you MUST opt out or you will be
automatically enrolled and billed for the Student Health Insurance through the University.
Please read this information carefully and follow the instructions.
The Pre-matriculation Immunizations Packets are due no later than Wednesday, July 24th.
Items Needed for Class
Please note the list of required text books for the fall semester has been posted.
You should have received a letter (via e-mail) from Dr. Soltis with required summer reading
assignments in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. This letter will also be posted on the incoming
student web site.
Please note that the Top 333 drug list has also been posted for your review if you would like to
get a jump start on lab this summer.
Course packets will be available on the portal in August. Course materials will also be posted in
Blackboard. You will receive an e-mail when these materials are posted.
A CPS - Classroom Performance System (clicker) MUST be purchased from the University
Bookstore and registered prior to orientation. All incoming students MUST purchase new
clickers to avoid compatibility issues with our system. We will be using clickers on orientation
day 3 (Wednesday, August 20th), so please bring them to orientation that day. If you will be on
campus prior to orientation week you can purchase your clicker in person at the bookstore.
Their hours are Monday-Friday from 9 AM-5:30 PM and Saturdays from 10 AM-2 PM. If you will
not be on campus prior to orientation week you can order your clicker online and have it
shipped to you. Here is the link to order a CPS: If you have any
questions regarding clicker purchases please contact the MUSC Bookstore at 843-792-1900.
Instructions for enrolling and registering your clicker will be posted on the web site when this
information is available.
We will let you know when you can start setting up your VIP, USC and SCCP accounts
(instructions listed on the Technology Help Sheet). Please do not attempt to set up these
accounts until you hear from us. We will be transferring MUSC campus records to the USC
campus in July to get everyone in the USC system. You will not be able to set up these accounts
until that process is complete.
Please note that the student computer requirements have been posted on the web site.
Please complete and submit the IP Attitudes survey no later than Friday, August 15th.
Please read the University Honor Code, sign and return the Honor Code Signature Page no later
than Friday, August 15th. The President of the College of Pharmacy Honor Council will speak to
you during orientation and answer any questions you have about the Honor Code, the process
for reporting violations, and the hearing process.
We will be providing campus tours Monday morning, August 19th. There should be time that
morning prior to University Orientation to get your ID badge made and go to parking
management, if you don’t have time to do this prior to orientation week. You MUST obtain your
MUSC ID badge before you can get a parking permit. All incoming students will be issued a
temporary parking pass for orientation. Faye Ratliff will e-mail the temporary permit to you as
an attachment. Please be watching for this e-mail.
All incoming students must complete the APhA Careers Pathway Evaluation Program on-line
assessment prior to orientation. Please note that when you click the link to the on-line
assessment tool to complete the assessment you do not need a Pathways ID. Just click the “start
assessment” button to access the survey. It should take less than 10 minutes for you to
complete the survey. At the end of the survey please print your results and bring them with
you to orientation on Tuesday, August 219th. We will be discussing the Career Mentoring
Program that afternoon. If interested, you can review the Career Option Profiles to learn more
about the pharmacy careers that matched your survey responses.
The orientation schedules will be posted in the near future. Orientation will begin on Monday
morning, August 18th.
White Coat Ceremony
This ceremony will take place on Wednesday, August 20th at 4 PM in the Drug Discovery
Auditorium on campus. Students should arrive no later than 3 PM and should dress
professionally for this event.
White coats will be available for pick-up at the College of Pharmacy on Monday, August 18th.
White Coat Order Forms must be completed and returned to Faye Ratliff no later than Monday,
July 14th.
The White Coat Information Cards must be submitted to Faye Ratliff no later than Monday,
August 4th.
Pharmacy Intern Certificates
Instructions and application materials have been posted on the web site.
Representatives from the Board of Pharmacy will be speaking to you on Tuesday, August 19th. If
you have not applied for your intern certificate already you are welcome to complete the
application and bring the supporting documents (including College of Pharmacy acceptance
letter) and payment with you to orientation to submit to the Board representatives.
Important College Information
Please be watching the web site for the 2014-2015 Academic Bulletin to be posted. This
document contains all the SCCP policies and procedures. Please read it carefully, then sign and
return the Academic Bulletin Signature Page. This form should be submitted no later than
Friday, August 15th. Dr. Grant and I will highlight important policies and procedures and answer
questions related to the Academic Bulletin during orientation.
Student Life
You will have the opportunity to meet with representatives of the College of Pharmacy student
organization on Tuesday, August 19th. The College of Pharmacy Student Government Association
President will give you a brief overview of the organizations and you will have the opportunity to
interact with them at the College of Pharmacy Student Organization Fair during lunch that day.
As MUSC campus students you should be familiar with the MUSC Student Handbook, which
contains the Medical University’s policies and procedures. This link is provided.
The link to the MUSC Student Services web site is also provided. You will meet many leaders
from the University and learn about University Student Services during University Orientation on
Monday, August 18th.
The College of Pharmacy (MUSC Campus) Back to School Party is scheduled for Thursday, August
21st from 5-8 PM at the Mount Pleasant Farmer’s Market. Please plan to attend this fun, casual
get-together with your classmates and the faculty, staff, administration, and upperclassmen
from the College of Pharmacy. Please RSVP to Faye Ratliff at [email protected] no later than
Friday, August 15th.
We will be kicking off orientation with an Intercampus Social on Saturday, August 16th, which
will include students, faculty, staff and administration from all three of our campuses. This event
will be held at the Pelican Shelter on Folly Beach. Please plan to attend this event to meet and
mingle with your P1 classmates, your P2 peer mentors and the faculty, staff, students and
administration from the SCCP. This drop-in event will be scheduled from 10 AM-5 PM. Lunch
and beverages will be provided by the College from 12-4 PM. We encourage everyone to bring
their own drinks and snacks for consumption outside food service hours.
We are all looking forward to seeing you on Monday, August 18th. If you have any questions about
information posted on the incoming student web site or any additional questions, please feel free to
contact me at (843) 792-8451 or Faye Ratliff at 843-792-6647.
Dr. Worrall (and Faye)
Cathy Worrall, PharmD, BCPS, FAPhA
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Experiential Education
Professor, Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences
South Carolina College of Pharmacy – MUSC Campus

Class of 2018 Orientation Letter