MASTER 1 Semestre 1 Année 2011-2012 BRITISH CIVILIZATION

Semestre 1
Année 2011-2012
Course organisation
There will be a series of lectures during the semester addressing issues on British Civilization.
During lectures, students are required to practise listening and note-taking skills.
Course content
The course will emphasize the use of material which is connected to British Civilization, with
particular attention to economic and historical fields, but will also study other aspects such as
art or literature. It must be stressed that this is primarily a course given by a teacher of
Our main language objectives are:
to increase fluency in writing and listening.
to prepare students for seminars and written examinations (academic papers).
to raise awareness of language, structures and vocabulary related to subject areas.
to provide lecture listening and note taking practice.
Course detail
The seminar will deal with listening, reading and writing activities. Emphasis will be placed
on note-taking, appropriate academic style and presentation practice. Grammar needs will be
dealt with within the framework of the material being used.
There will be two papers dealing with one of the topics studied during the class lectures .
They will consist in a commentary or questions on one or several documents : a text, a
picture, statistics, etc. or general questions. There will be questions on the vocabulary as