Supply Lists - Claiborne County Schools

Seventh and Eighth Grade Supply List
(3) 1 inch - 3 ring binders
Dividers for 3 ring binders
(4) Small Composition Books - Journals (no wire)
Loose leaf paper
Pencils and/or lead pencils
Colored pencils and/or crayons
(2) Glue sticks
(2) boxes of tissue
(2) hand sanitizer - (2 regular size or 1 big size)
(1) pack of 3x5 index cards
If purchasing composition books, please by the paper with
perforated edges
**********NO PENS OR MARKERS************
Please save your Box Tops, Campbell product labels, and Tyson A+ labels
this Summer!!!!!!
Have a great Summer, be safe, and we will see you next school year
Mrs. Kathy Asher
Mrs. Jean Cline
Mrs. Pam Perkins
Sixth Grade Supply List
Pencils and/or lead pencils
Box of tissue
(4) Small Composition Books- Journals
5-Subject Notebook or Binder for daily work
Colored pencils and/or crayons
Poster Boards
Construction Paper
1 pack small Expo Markers
*No pens or markers
Please continue to save Boxtops for Education, Campbell’s Soup Labels,
and Tyson A+ labels over the summer.
Have a wonderful summer!
Mrs. Janice Bean, Mrs. Shelley, and Mrs. Chastidy Wilder
Supply List
Number 2 Pencils
Wide Ruled Paper----- notebooks are acceptable
5 Pocket Folders----each a different color
Hand Sanitizer
Crayons (24 count)
Colored Pencils
1 ½” 3 Ring Binder
4 packs of gluesticks
4 Journal Notebooks
1 box of tissue or Kleenex
1 jump-drive (optional)
*** Various projects will be assigned throughout the year. A list of needed
materials will be sent home as projects are assigned.
Powell Valley 4th Grade
Supply List 2011
(5) Colored folders with prongs in the middle
(4) small composition books-journals (no wire)
Loose leaf paper (students will use throughout the year, not turned in as
class supplies)
Pencils and/or lead pencils (students will use throughout the year, not turned
in as class supplies)
Colored pencils or 24ct. box of crayons
Zippered pouch for keeping pencils, crayons, etc.
Pack of poster board (half sheet size)
Glue sticks (multi-pack preferable for the classroom)
Boxes of Kleenex (for classroom)
(1 pack) of Dry erase markers the small pencil like size (for classroom
(1 box) of gallon size Ziplock bags (for classroom)
(1 pk) multi-colored construction paper
***If purchasing composition books instead of loose leaf paper, please buy
the paper with perforated edges.
2015-16 – 2nd Grade School Supply List
6 packs of No. 2 pencils
10 glue sticks no liquid glue
1 pair Fiskar metal blade scissors
2 boxes crayons
3 packs of pencil topper erasers
1 clear or mesh backpack
1 shoe box size cubby box
4 tablets 2nd grade primary paper (dotted lines)
2 composition notebooks-wide ruled (no spiral binding)
3 packs loose leaf paper (wide rule)
4-5 boxes Kleenex
2 bottles hand sanitizer
3 tubs Clorox wipes
1 gallon size Ziplock freezer bags
1 quart size Ziplock freezer bags
2 rolls of paper towels
3 homework folder
1 pencil sharpener
1 pack of construction paper
Thank you
Carolyn McNew
Mrs. April’s 2nd Grade Class Supply List-2015-2016
Crayons-4 pks
Pencils-2 pks (USA GOLD)
Pencil Sharpener
Cap Erasers-1pk
Pink Eraser- For our big mistakes
Glue Sticks- 4 (Please no liquid glue)
Pencil box-1
Folder with pockets-1
Composition Notebook-Journal
Loose Paper-1 pk
Expo markers-1pk (optional)
Paper Towels- 1 roll
Clorox Wipes- 3 pks
April Medley
School Supply List
2015 – 2016
6 - packs of No. 2 Ticonderoga pencils or USA Gold only
2 - glue sticks – no liquid glue
1 - pair of scissors
4 - boxes of Crayola crayons or Twistables – no markers
4 - packs of pencil top erasers
1 – zippered pencil pouch
4 - black dry erase markers (the skinny kind for student use)
2 - composition notebooks - wide ruled, no spiral wire binding
1 – durable plastic folder (paper folders rip easily/no hard binders)
4 - boxes of Kleenex
1 – Clorox wipes
1 – wet wipes
1 – roll of paper towels
1 – pack of construction paper
These supplies will be needed for daily class work and maintenance. Due to limited space, I will collect these materials at the
beginning of the year and distribute them as needed. Thanks for your support!