Health and Safety Policy Statement

Health and Safety Policy Statement
The Gatton Community Theatre Limited
December 2014
Revision History
Statement of Intent
It is the policy of The Gatton Community Theatre Limited (“GCT”) to ensure, so far as is
reasonably practicable, that its operation and services are conducted in such a manner
as to prevent harm or injury to stakeholders. In this document any reference to
stakeholders includes paid staff, volunteers, contractors, visitors, and the environment.
GCT also recognises its duty to take all reasonable steps to continuously review and
make improvements when and where necessary, in Health, Safety and Welfare
standards, and also to ensure that its statutory obligations are met at all times.
GCT also considers that there must be co-operation between the Trustees, the
management committee, stakeholders and others who may be affected by the way in
which we carry out our work, if the highest standards in Health and Safety are to be
In order to comply with the general statement of intent the Board of Trustees has set the
following objectives:
y and Fire risks, associated with property, are
assessed, and sensible control measures are established and maintained
keholders are properly
assessed and controlled
tent advice is available to the Trustees, the management committee,
and stakeholders to assist them in meeting their responsibilities
stakeholders are given the necessary information, instruction,
training and supervision to allow them to participate/perform/spectate safely
ety is shared between
intain open channels of communication to enable all stakeholders to
raise health and safety issues
effectiveness and suitability
Supplementary to this general Policy Statement, there will be specific operational
policies and procedures describing in detail Health and Safety arrangements,
information and guidance for all stakeholders. Below we state in more detail how the
Trustees will put the key commitments outlined in the Health and Safety Policy
statement into practice
Health and Safety Law
The Trustees will ensure that there are effective arrangements in place to ensure GCT
complies with all relevant Health, Safety and Fire Legislation.
Health and Safety Management
Through the Management Committee, the Trustees will secure the effective operation
and continued improvement of Health and Safety management systems by control of
Policy and Procedure formulation, planning risk assessments, the setting of exemplary
standards, implementation, performance review and audit.
The Trustees will ensure regular monitoring to review Health and Safety
Assess and control risks
The Trustees will seek to ensure that risks to the Health and Safety of GCT stakeholders
from its activities are properly assessed and controlled.
Risk assessments will be undertaken and reviewed as appropriate to cover the range of
significant hazards and risks to which GCT stakeholders may be exposed.
Performance measurement and auditing
The Trustees will review Health and Safety performance at least once a year. The aim of
this audit will be to establish that appropriate arrangements are in place, adequate risk
control systems exist and appropriate precautions are in place.
The Trustees will provide and maintain open channels of communication to enable
stakeholders to raise health and safety issues
The Trustees welcome and encourage stakeholder support, involvement and
participation in Health and Safety issues
Health and Safety Commitment
Health and Safety is a line management responsibility. The Trustees looks forward to the
support and professionalism of our stakeholders at all levels in making this policy truly
Policy Review
The effectiveness of this General Statement of Policy will be reviewed on an annual
basis and revised as necessary.