Writing _year_4 EDS 2015

Name _____________________
Stepping Stone 4
I can:
1. I can spell words with prefixes and suffixes and can add them to
root words following spelling rules.
2. I can recognise and spell homophones
3. I can use the first two or three letters of a word to check its spelling
in a dictionary.
4. I can spell the commonly mis-spelt words from the Year 3/4 list.
5. I use diagonal and horizontal strokes to join letters accurately within
my writing.
6. I know which letters should be left unjoined and apply this in my
7. My handwriting is legible and consistent.
8. I can discuss writing similar to what I am planning to write and
identify the elements of its structure, vocabulary and grammar which
will help me.
Draft and write
9. I can compose and rehearse the sentences I want to write orally,
building a varied/ rich vocabulary and an increasing range of
sentence structures.
10. I can write a narrative with a clear structure, setting, characters and
11. I can write in paragraphs to organise ideas around a theme.
Evaluate and edit
12. I can evaluate my own writing and that of others and suggest future
improvements to improve its effectiveness.
13. I can improve my writing by changing the grammar and vocabulary
to improve consistency.
14. I can proof read my writing for spelling and punctuation errors.
Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation
15. I know the grammatical difference between plural and possessive s.
Sentence structure
16. I can expand noun phrases using modifying adjectives, nouns and
preposition phrases e.g. the strict teacher with curly hair.
17. I can use several clauses and commas correctly when writing
18. I can use fronted adverbials in my writing. E.g. Later that day, I went
19. I can use standard English when writing verb inflections.
20. E.g. We were not we was
I can:
Text structure
21. I can make appropriate choices of pronouns within and across
sentences to aid cohesion and avoid repetition.
22. I can confidently use a range of conjunctions: when, if, because and
23. I can use the term ‘determiner’ correctly.
24. I can use inverted commas and commas to indicate direct speech.
25. I can use apostrophes to mark plural possession.
26. I can use commas after fronted adverbials.