Grading Rubric

2015-2016 Fall
Laboratory Report Grading Rubric
1. Purpose and Scope (10 pt): Give brief information about the labs purpose and scope
2. Theory (10 pt): Give detailed information about the activity: why the test is being conducted, how
the probable results may be interpreted, background information on the test, reasoning of the
method etc. Use figures where necessary.
3. Method (10pt): Explain the test method with details. Write down what you did in the lab.
4. Results (35 pt): Give any calculations, and draw any graphs which were asked for.
5. Discussion and Conclusion (20 pt): Answer the questions on the lab-sheet. Write down the
conclusion as the last paragraph. Conclusion includes a brief summary of the analysis, the results and
your interpretation if there is any.
6. References: Do not forget to give in- and end-text references if you use any.
*Reference and Figure criteria: 15 pt
*Figures, Tables and etc. should be labeled, and mentioned (referred to) in the text. Put your graphs
chart and axis titles, the units of the axes, and legend if needed.
*Copy-Paste of any kind will not be accepted! Reports with turnitin similarity percentage higher than
25% will get a “0” (zero).