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Title of Article: Ties That Bind: When Surrogate Meets Mom-To-Be
One paragraph BRIEF summary of the article:
The article is about a new way to conceive babies for does couples that are not as fertile or cannot have
them. It tells the personal story of a couple that had tried to have babies but couldn’t. They also failed
when trying to adopt since the adoption mother wanted him back some days later. Surrogacy, through
technology, allows other women to carry a baby for nine months and then give it to other couples.
These women become women carriers. At the end, the couple was able to have twins thanks to
surrogacy and the women carrier.
Identifying the Knowledge Issue(s):
Key quotes from the article:
The purpose of the article is to inform, through a real
life situation about Surrogacy. This is when a woman
carries someone’s baby for them since they are not
capable of having their own. The women are
maintained and paid for doing this “job”. The only
problem seen here is the attachment that might
occur between the baby carrier and the baby through
the 9months of pregnancy.
“My soul felt complete. I had done everything
in my power, and it was the most amazing
feeling. I will never forget seeing her face see
his face for the rest of my life.”
Identification and Treatment of Areas of Knowledge
(AoKs): (
Identification and Treatment of Ways of
Knowing (WoKs): (
The treatment of area identified in the article is Ethics
since it plays a big role when deciding to allow
someone else to carry your soon to be baby and to be
used just as bodies to carry babies. This could be
either seen as a bad or good thing depending on the
individual’s ethics and what is right or wrong for
Reason and emotion are the two ways of
knowing in this article. Reason because if there
is a couple that cannot have children then they
look for another alternatives to be able to have
them. Moreover, emotion is also involved in the
article because as mentioned in it, the women’s
emotions play an important role in the decision
making of how to be able to have a child.
The quote above said by the soon to be mom,
shows the happiness and strong emotions
about finally been able to have a child even if
it was not carried of conceive by her.
Knower’s Perspective:
This is an important way of technology that should be known so that couples with fertilizing issues can
also have babies. On the other hand, this can also be seen as an issue because it interferes with people
ethics when referring if it’s right or not to use a women’s body as a fertilizer spot. Moreover, there is
another option that replaces this and decreases the amount of orphans and abandoned children that is
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Identification of knowledge issue(s)
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Knower’s perspective
Connections and treatment of AoKs and WoKs