4.6 Birth.
1.- Stages of labour.
Labour: the process of giving birth.
1.- Contractions: involuntary muscles in the uterus.
2.- Amnion breakes as a consequence of
contractions. The liquid is expelled.
3.- Dilation: the opening of the vagina dilates,
or expands.
4.- Birth: the baby leaves.
5.- Afterbirth: the placenta is expelled.
Caesarean section: if labour is difficult or
dangerous for the baby or the mother, the doctors
perform a surgical cut at the mother’s womb and
extract the baby directly from the uterus.
2.- New born babies.
When the baby is born the umbilical cord is cut
and it breaths through its respiratory system for
the very first time.
The umbilical cord falls
down after a few days
and the mark left is the
belly button.
2.- New born babies.
Premature babies: babies born before term
Premature babies are kept in incubators where
they grow and develop as if they were in their
mother’s womb.
3.- Lactation.
Babies get their nourishment from their mother’s
milk. This is so because their digestive system is
not fully developed.
3.- Lactation.
Infant formula: if a mother cannot feed her baby, it
can be feed by means of modified cow or soya
Write the words in chronological order.
Placenta expelled / dilation / sac breaks / umbilical
cord cut / contractions / birth / liquid expelled.