Introduction to Computer Networks


EE244—Digital Engineering

Winter, 2014

Instructor: Dr. Charles Liu (Email: [email protected])

Course description

This course is the basic introduction to digital logic and basic digital circuits. Topics include logic and Boolean algebra, combinational and sequential circuits and how they are used in computer designs.


      Students will have a good understanding of logic and Boolean algebra. Students will know about various basic combinational circuits and how they are used in computer. Students will be familiar with sequential circuit design. Students will be familiar with the principle and the design of widely digital circuits such as MUX, Counter, etc. Students will be able to apply the knowledge learned to design of functional digital circuits. Students will be able to use a hardware description language to design, verify, and implement digital circuits at the gate-level of abstraction.


 Digital Design, by Morris Mano, 5 th edition

Class Meetings:

11:40 – 1:20 pm MW

Office hours:

10:30-11:30 am, Monday ~Thursday, E&T C244 (x 35802)


       Number systems, number base conversions. Arithmetic in different bases: binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal; binary codes (BCD, ASCII). Truth tables, Boolean algebra, canonical forms, K-maps, minimization, etc. Gate-level design: AND/OR, NAND/NAND, and NOR/NOR circuits. Combinational circuit design: MSI circuits, modular design, adders, decoders, MUX's, etc.. Sequential circuit design: latches, flip-flops, state tables, state machines. Registers, synchronous counters.


   Homework assignments (30%) Midterm exam (30%) Final exam (40%)


There will be four assignments. No late submissions will be accepted.


The midterm is scheduled Feb 10 th (Monday, Week 6) in class. The final is scheduled 10:45 ~ 1:15 pm, March 17, Monday.) Electronic Version of Course Materials: 1