Reasons for Adolescent Substance Use

Reasons for Adolescent Substance Use
Just like adults, adolescents use substances for a variety of reasons.
Reasons why adolescents drink and use drugs include:
To relax
To feel good
Out of curiosity
To heighten their mood
To reinforce gender identity
To feel a sense of belonging
To cope with trauma
The disinhibiting effects of many drugs may also help overcome
shyness with the opposite sex and encourage the development of
In a 2004 report by Louise Hayes et al, it was determined that
parental influences can have a major impact on adolescent
substance use. The report concluded that:
Delaying the age of uptake of alcohol may reduce the level of
alcohol-related harm experienced by drinkers and lower the
risk of a young person becoming a harmful drinker later on.
It may help for parents to know that it is more appropriate to
introduce adolescents to alcohol in late rather that early
Parents need to be educated in positive methods of parenting
adolescents and be informed about high levels of risky
drinking among adolescents
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