Student Choice Reading Parent Approval

Student Choice Reading
Permission Slip
In the English 11 course, students are asked to choose from a selection of non-fiction books
for independent reading and small group discussion. The six options offered by your child’s
teacher this semester are listed on the other this of this form. In the Central Bucks School
District, we want to ensure that parents approve of the title their child has selected because
many contemporary non-fiction works do contain mature themes and subject matter.
Therefore, we ask that parents approve students' choices for independent reading. If you have
reservations about — or you are not familiar with — a title your child has selected, please do
not hesitate to contact your child's teacher or the school librarian to get more information.
We believe that it is very important for students to read widely during their high school
years, and exposure to non-fiction writing will assist students with the critical reading section
of the SAT and with other college-level texts. However, we also recognize that not all
contemporary works of nonfiction are appropriate for all students, and we want to respect
parents' views in the selection of reading material.
Thank you very much for helping with this and for being a supportive partner in your child's
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