Q. Explain homozygous

2.5.6 - 2.5.8 Genetics 3 FMQuiz Homework Solution
Q. What term is used to describe an individual’s
genetic make-up?
A. Genotype
Q. Name the sex chromosomes that are present in
a human female cell.
Q. Explain the term recessive.
A. It is only expressed in the homozygous condition
Q. A spontaneous change in the genetic material of
an organism is called a ...
A. Mutation
Q. What is an allele?
A. Alternative form of a gene
Q. A change in the structure of DNA is a … and may
give rise to a …
A. Mutation / Variation
Q. Explain homozygous
A. Identical alleles or genes
Q. Name a scientist responsible for the Theory of
Natural Selection
A. Darwin or Wallace
Q. What is meant by phenotype?
A. Physical appearance or Expression of genotype
or Result of genotype + environment
Q. State two types of evidence used to support the
theory of evolution.
A. Fossils or Embryos or Anatomy or Genetics
Q. Explain the term dominant.
A. An allele that is always expressed (masks its
recessive partner)
Q. Explain heterozygous.
A. Different alleles or genes
Q. How many possible gametes can a parent of
genotype AaBb produce?
A. Four
Q. What is ‘junk’ DNA?
A. Does not code for a protein
Q. Give two causes of mutation.
A. Chemicals, Radiation, Viruses, Carcinogens, etc.
Q. What is linkage?
A. Genes on the same chromosome
Q. What is meant by the term evolution?
A. Inheritable change within a population in
response to change in the environment by natural
selection over time
Q. Human males and females differ in one of their
twenty three pairs of chromosomes. What name is
given to this pair of chromosomes?
A. Heterosomes or sex chromosomes
Q. What is sex-linkage?
A. Genes located on sex (X or Y) chromosome
Q. What is Natural Selection?
A. Organisms best suited to environment have
greater chance of breeding and survival
Q. What is meant by genetic screening?
A. Testing people for the presence of a specific
Q. How many possible gametes can a parent of
genotype Aa produce?
A. Two
Q. Name the sex chromosomes that are present in
a human male cell.
Q. What is incomplete dominance?
A. Neither allele masks the expression of the other
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