Nature photography Competition on 24 April 2012 by PMNH to

Nature photography Competition on 24 April 2012 by PMNH to
Explore/Acknowledge Talent of school and college Students
With reference to Earth Day 2012.
The museums throughout the world are playing an important role in public education through research,
exhibits, lectures, film shows, club activities, competitions and many such other programmes. Now a days
education through museums is being regarded as of indispensable importance.
In line with its functions, Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH) is striving hard for promotion of
formal and informal education through different means, mainly the visits of school and college students to
the Museum Display Galleries. Competitions among students on nature not only help attract the students
to the Museum but also educate them on natural science subjects.
Aims and Objectives:
The competition is aimed to educate the students on nature issues, make students aware of beauty to the
natural resources as well as biodiversity.
The key aims of the competition are:
Recognize and appreciate the talents of young photographers.
Highlight the great wealth and diversity of Pakistan’s natural history.
Celebrate Pakistan natural life, in all its beauty and diversity, through a collection of inspirational
Display the very best of our nature photography to a wide range of viewers and engage all ages with
evocative and powerful imagery.
Encourage discovery, exploration, conservation and enjoyment of our natural heritage.
Raise awareness about Pakistan biodiversity, species and habitats.
The competition will be open to students up to graduate (BA/BSc) level. There will be two categories:
Category I:
Students up to Matric Level
(one student from each school)
Category II: Students up to BA/BSc Level (one student from each college)
Registration for Participation:
The students intending to participate in the event will have to get themselves registered with PMNH by
filling the Registration Form so that the required arrangements could be made. The last date for
registration is April 11, 2012. The Registration Form is attached here with and also available on PMNH
About the Competition:
The participants registered with PMNH will be taken to the spot designated for nature photography. After
photography competition the soft copy of 3 snaps taken by them will be obtained from them for shortlisting 30 best entries for printing and display at PMNH Gallery. The winners will be selected by the
The participants will have to bring their own digital cameras with data cable for the contest and the
contestants will be given maximum two hours time for selecting their object and take its snaps. (PMNH
will check the camera memory card before competition).
The photographs should highlight the beauty and magnificence of the nature world including habitats,
animals and plants.
All the participants of the contest will be awarded participation certificates. Top three position-holders in
each category will be awarded cash prizes to encourage and acknowledge their talent.
1st Position Holders in each category will be awarded Rs 10,000 cash prize and Young Nature
Photographer Shield
2nd position-holder will be awarded Rs 8,000 cash prize and Young Nature Photographer Shield
3rd position-holder will be awarded Rs 5,000 cash prize and Young Nature Photographer Shield
The prizes will be awarded in a prestigious ceremony to be held at PMNH in the presence of electronic
and print media to publicize the event and acknowledge the talent of students on a large scale.
The awards ceremony could be arranged in last week of May or as decided by the competent authority.
A jury comprising of eminent Nature Photographers and Scientists will short-list 30 best photographs
from the two categories for display and judge First, second and third position-holders for awards.
Date of Competition
April 24, 2012
Pakistan Museum of Natural History, Garden Avenue, Shakarparian, Islamabad. All registered students
will be taken to the spot (with in the city) designated for nature photography. PMNH will provide the
transport from PMNH to designated spot for photography and back to PMNH.
09:00 am
Display of Photographs
Thirty short-listed photographs will be get printed and displayed in the temporary exhibits gallery of
PMNH for judging the winners. The decision of prized winners will be based on the marks given by the
jury and the general viewers to each photograph on display. The photographs will remain on display in
the gallery for public viewing for one month.
For further quarries please contact:1. Mr. Abbas
Cell No: 0345-5092415
2. Mr. Imran
Cell No: 0342-2216725
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