1894 Coxhoe Parish Trade Directory

‘History, Topography & Directory of the County Palatine of Durham’ by F. Whellan & Co 2nd Edition 1894
Coxhoe was constituted a separate parish in 1865, comprising the greater part of the township of Coxhoe, with a small
portion of Quarrington and Cornforth townships. It embraces the village of Coxhoe, the western side of which is in
Cornforth township, and part of Quarrington Hill in the township of Cassop-cum-Quarrington. Therefore this parish is
formed out of the two ancient parishes of Kelloe and Bishop Middleham, and has an area of 1104 acres, with a
population in 1892 of 2179.
Coxhoe Township comprises a area of 1055 acres, and its ratable value is £4183. The number if inhabitants in 1801 was
117; in 1811, 171; in 1821, 132; in 1831, 154; in 1841 in consequence of the working of the new mines, 3904; in 1851,
4101; in 1861, 4171; in 1871, 3749; in 1881, 2454; and in 1891 the number was 3133. This township is not mention in
the Bolden Book. In the tenth year of the episcopacy of Bishop Beaumont, John Denum died seized of the moiety of the
vill, with a coal mine there, which he held of the bishop in capite, and also a messuage and twelve acres, which he held
of Thomas de Cornford. The family of Blackiston acquired considerable possessions here before the time of Bishop
Hadfield, though it appears by that pelate’s Survey that a resident family had assumed the local name. The Blackistons
held the manor till 1672, when it passes by marriage to William Kennet, Esq., from whose descendants it was purchased
by John Burdon , Esq., in 1749. The principle landowners at present are the executors of Mrs Jones, and T J Wood, Esq.,
The working of coal in this township was a one time very extensively carried on, but the collieries have for some years
seased work, and the population is chiefly employed at Hetton and Tursdale collieries. The village of East Hetton is in
this township, but in the parish of Kelloe, with which place it is given.
Coxhoe is a long rambling village, lying along the main road from Durham to Sedgefield, which of late years has fallen
very much into decay. It is about a mile in length, and is upon two miles of railway, the Coxhoe Bridge Station being only
half a mile from the south-east end of the village, whilst the Coxhoe Colliery Station is at the north end. It is distant five
miles south south-east from Durham, and about the same distance north of Sedgefield.
The Church, which stands within a burial-ground on the west side of the road, is a stone building in the Gothic style, with
ornamental east window. It consists of a nave and chancel, under the same roof with vestry, at the south-east corner. It
was erected in 1868 at a cost of £2500, and will seat 460. The living, a vicarage, is valued at £300, with house, and is in
the gift of the Crown and Bishop alternately. Vicar, Rev. David Flemming, B.A. The vicarage is a fine house of stone,
situated about half a mile from the church.
The Primitive Methodist Chapel is a plain brick building with cemented front, built in 1865 at a cost of £355, and will seat
230. Adjoining is a good Sunday school, erected in1871.
The Wesleyan Chapel is an imposing brick building in Italian style, with massive stone portico and ornamented front. It
was built in 1871 at a cost of £800, and will seat nearly 400 people.
School- The National School opened in 1871, has departments for mixed and infants, with room for 218 in the former,
and for 72 in the latter. It is a good brick building on the Cornforth side of the village, comprising a large room, with
classroom and an infant room.
The Reading Room, which is a very useful institution, is liberally supplied with daily newspapers, as well as magazines.
In old English law, a capite was a tenure, abolished by Act 12 Chas. II, xxiv., by which either person or land was held immediately of
the king ...
In law, the term messuage equates to a dwelling-house and includes outbuildings, orchard, curtilage or court-yard and garden
‘History, Topography & Directory of the County Palatine of Durham’ by F. Whellan & Co 2nd Edition 1894
Post Money Order and Telegraph office- Thomas Kingston, postmaster. Letters arrive 6 am., dispatch to Ferryhill 9.40
am. and 6.35 pm. Sunday arrive 6 am and dispatch 5.15 pm.
Those marked * are in Cornforth township, and East Hetton in Coxhoe township is given under Kelloe.
*Anderson, Mrs Mary Elizabeth, Shopkeeper
*Applegarth, David, farmer and vict. Hare & Hounds, College Hill
*Barrass, Cotman, shopkeeper and parish clerk
*Bell, Mrs MJ vict. Tynside Inn
*Bell, Thomas, builder
*Bell, Thomas, cabinetmaker
*Best, John, Cartwright
Booth, William, and Hall, Luke, brickmakers
*Booth, J., tailor and coffee house
Bowerbank, Robert, vict. West Hetton Inn
*Bowcock, Rev. Arthur, curate
Brown, Thomas, butcher
Carr, Aaron, tailor
Carr, Mrs Esther, grocer, Quarrington hill
*Carr, William, butcher and farmer
*Cawthorne, Jno.; grocer, Cornforth Lane
*Connolly, Patrick, vict. Carr’s Hotel
*Cook, Jas., vict. Victoria Inn, Cornforth Lane
*Cornforth & Coxhoe Co-operative Soc Lim: Mark Robinson, manager
*Coulson, William, draper Cornforth Lane
*Cuthbert, Miss Kate, dressmaker
Davison, Thomas, fruiterer
Davison, Thomas, grocer, wine & spirit agent for Gilbeys
Fawcett, Thomas, shopkeeper, Cornforth Lane
*Fleetham ___, vict. Clarence Hotel
Flemming, Rev. David BA., vicar
*Froud, Daniel, newsagent
*Gas works (J. Forster, proprietor) Grange Ho.
*Gray, Jesse, vict Cross Keys, Quarrington Hill
*Gornall, James, draper
Heightley, Mrs Mary, shopkeeper, Davy Lamp
Hepburn, William Alexander, MD, surgeon, medical officer
Heron, Robert, blacksmith
*Hewison, Richard, tailor
Hope, Thomas, shopkeeper, Quarrington hill
*Hopper, Benjamin, tailor
Hughff, Jno, stationmaster, Coxhoe Colliery
Humble, Mrs Eliz., shopkeeper, Davy Lamp
*Iceton, William vict. Three Tons
*Jamieson, Alexander, watchmaker
Jenkins, Josiah, general dealer
*Keavenly, Brian, vict. Anchor Inn
Kingston, Thomas, shopkeeper and post office
Laing, Thomas, farmer & vict., Railway Hotel
*Lockey, Thomas William, butcher
Lowe, Robert, butcher & farmer
*McDermott, William, surgeon, Linden Villa
McDonald, Walter, secretary Cornforth & Coxhoe Co-operative Soc
*Marr, T vict., Black Boy, Quarrington hill
Palmer, Wm., stationmaster, Coxhoe Bridge
Pamley, William, shoemaker
*Picken, John, Blackgate
*Picken, Wm., butcher & farmer, Blackgate
*Pile, Thomas, shoemaker
*Reading Room, Thomas Robinson, secretary
*Reed, William, master, National School
*Robinson, J & Thos., earthernware merchants
*Robinson, Mark, mgr of Co-op stores
*Robinson, Thomas, assistant overseer for Cornforth hospital
Rose, Wm., vict. Dunn Cow Inn, Quarrington Hill
*Rudderham, James, beer retailer
Salisbury, George, cow keeper
*Sanderson, Thomas, joiner
*Scott, Mrs Isabella, vict, Bridge Hotel
Scott, William, vict. Davy Lamp Inn
*Senior, John, grocer
Smith, J. James, grocer
Swinbank, Geog., vict., Tursdale Colliery Hotel, Cornforth Lane
*Swinton, Robert, fruiterer
*Tuske, Mark J,. tailor
Tate, Mrs A
Teasdale GC., shopkeeper, Quarrington Hill
*Thompson, Joseph, shopkeeper
Toulson, William Thos., vict., Commercial Inn
*Trusdale, Mrs Agatha, newsagent
Walker, John, vict., Red Lion, Blackgate
Wandless, Michael, draper
Watson, William, shopkeeper, Blackgate
Whitwell, Thomas, marine store dealer
Wilkinson, Mrs Mary Ann vict., Crow Trees Colliery Inn
Willis__, miller and farmer
Wilson, Richard, blacksmith, Cornforth Lane
Wood, Wm. Hy., mining engineer, Coxhoe Hall
Wressell, Joseph, police seargent
Bell, John
Bell, William
Collingwood, Edward, Cowclose
Herbert, John, East & West farms
*Picken, William, and butcher
Simpson, Charles
Willis ___, and miller
Conveyance – There are two stations, one at each end of the village, Coxhoe and Coxhoe Bridge
In old English law, a capite was a tenure, abolished by Act 12 Chas. II, xxiv., by which either person or land was held immediately of
the king ...
In law, the term messuage equates to a dwelling-house and includes outbuildings, orchard, curtilage or court-yard and garden