Abstract- Khalid

Qatar – LNG – Leading the Transformation of An Industry
Doha Gas Conference (10 March 2009)
Session: Era of Expansion
Topic: Qatar LNG – Leading the Transformation of an Industry
[Key Phrase / Abstract]
“RasGas is leading the Transformation of the LNG industry by Design, in both
infrastructure and sales portfolio. Large Trains, Large Ships and Technology enhanced
designs in both the onshore & offshore are as key to the RasGas design as they are to
the industry.
The enhanced infrastructure combined with a well designed sales
portfolio expands LNG’s reach into new markets, allows for flexibility in changing
market conditions and continues to meet customers long term needs. The rapid
growth of LNG in the energy market is only exceeded by Qatar’s growth as the leading
supplier of LNG to the world.
RasGas is one of Qatar’s leaders in that growth,
designing a place for itself in the LNG industry as a responsible, reliable and
diversified supplier.”