Lisa G. Dean College/Career Readiness Coordinator

Lisa G. Dean College/Career Readiness Coordinator
East Laurens High School
478-272-3144, ext. 4125
Monday, February 08, 2016
The DEADLINE to apply at many colleges and universities
is quickly approaching! See me if you need help!
Planning to go to a college or university? You MUST fill out the FAFSA (Free
Application for Student Aid) at Make sure you go to this
specific web site! There are others that will charge you money to apply. The
deadline to apply for 2014/2015 is June 30! This also covers your
HOPE application!
Follow these steps:
1. First, your legal guardian, the person who claimed you as a dependant
on their taxes, must have filed their Federal Income Tax. You will need the
information to fill out your FAFSA.
2. During the process, if you guardian filled his/her taxes electronically, you
can ask that they view the electronic tax form for all information. This is
much easier!
3. If your guardian(s) did not file electronically, you will have to have the
COPY OF THEIR TAX FORMS with you in order to fill out all of the blanks.
4. Go to and click on “Start a new FAFSA”.
5. Follow the directions. Read each question VERY CAREFULLY!
You will create a PIN which you need to write down somewhere! You will
need it to come back to the FAFSA and to check the status.
If you have to stop during the process, it’s O.K.! Save and exit!
If you have confirmed your acceptance to a school, be sure to let
Mrs. O’Neal know so she can send your final transcript!
All scholarship forms are on our web page under ELHS Student
Resources- then “Senior News”.
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governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives. James Madison