Variant vocabulary

He is so vain that he looks in the mirror all day and smiles at
Part of Speech: Adjective (describing word)
Word: Triumphant
Sentence: The Mexican team was triumphant in the soccer
Meaning: win, victory
Word: Recede
Part of Speech: Verb
Definition: To go back; become less and less
Sentence: As he gets older and older, his hairline recedes.
Word: Corridor
Meaning/Definition: Hall, hallway
Sentence: We move in an orderly fashion in the corridors of
Broadview Middle School.
Part of Speech: Noun
Word: Agitate
Definition/Meaning: To make someone angry; to spin liquid
Sentence: The other team became agitated when Broadview
beat them in football.
Part of Speech: Verb
Word: Wavering
Meaning: Moving back and forth; unsteady; unsure; might fall
Sentence: The tower wavered back and forth and finally fell.
Part of Speech: Wavering-Adjective; waver-verb
Word: Infirmary
Meaning: A place in a large building to take care of sick people
Sentence: The school has an infirmary for sick students.
Part of Speech: Noun
Word: Incinerator
Meaning: A large device to burn unwanted things
Part of Speech: Noun
Sentence: The garbage was burned in the incinerator.
Word: Deft (deftly)
Meaning: skillful
Sentence: Jose deftly kicked the soccer ball away from the
most experienced player on the team.
Part of Speech: Adjective