December 7 - 11, 2015 - Jefferson County Schools

Spelling, Vocabulary,
and Important Dates
1. whole
2. hole
3. its
4. it’s
5. hear
6. here
7. won
8. one
9. our
10. hour
11. their
12. there
13. fur
14. fir
15. road
16. rode
17. peace
18. piece
19. author
20. illustrator
1. detest
2. quarters
3. content
4. consulted
5. wretched
6. lush
7. omen
8. grave
Important Dates
Dec 22 – 2 hour early dismissal
Dec 23-Jan 3 – Christmas Break!
Jan 8 – 2nd 9 weeks Report Cards
Fan Mail:
Mrs. Gratz’s Weekly News
December 7-11, 2015
Spotlight on
Science: We will continue learning about animals
this week. We will learn about the 5 classifications
for animals. Our test on Animals will be on Friday,
Math: In math this week we will learn to multiply
one digit numbers by 10, 100, and 1000. We will
also work with money and making change. The test
for this unit will be the Friday before Christmas
Social Studies: In social studies this week, we will
continue learning about maps. This week, we will
be making maps and learning about the various
types of maps. Our maps test will be Thursday,
December 17.
Reading: This week we will continue our author
study of Chris Van Allsburg. We will learn about
fantasy, themes, character traits, and the role
illustrations play in helping us interpret the text.
We will also continue writing letters to Mrs. Claus
to help her design a new suit for Santa!
Box Tops – Please save your box tops. Every box
top that your child brings in gives money to our
Holiday Celebration – Our holiday celebration
will be 12/21 from 1:30-2:15. I will need 2 parent
volunteers for this. For the celebration we will need
several things. Please see the list below and let me
know if you will be able to send in any of the items.
Thank you in advance
100 calorie snacks
fruit tray
veggie tray
cheese and cracker tray
juice boxes/water bottles
different green ribbons (I need about 20
Grace Ott is our star of the
week! Grace is 8 years old.
Her favorite subject in
school is science. Grace’s
favorite color is purple and
her favorite food is crab.
When Grace in not in
school, she enjoys dancing.
Grace wants to be a nurse
for bones when she grows