August 15, 2012

Weekly Reflection, August 15, 2012
Grace UMC
Dear Grace Family,
As we wrap-up the summer and look toward fall, it’s a great time to think about ways to connect more
deeply into the Grace community. We have a new Sunday School offering beginning Sept. 9th that I
hope you will consider joining:
Announcing a New Sunday School Class: Christians and Politics--What is our Role?
This class will explore the intersection of faith and politics. As the 2012 presidential election
approaches, many of us are justifiably wary of mixing religion and politics. Yet most of us do feel a
responsibility to participate in our government as citizens and voters.
We will explore such questions as: How do we remain faithful to the Gospel when we engage with
political, cultural, and economic institutions? Is there a “Christian” position on current political issues?
We’ll discuss current issues, including religious freedom, criminal justice, economics, war and peace,
issues involving the beginning of life and the end of life, human sexuality, and others. We do not
presuppose there is one right answer to any of the issues we discuss. The format will be discussion
based rather than lecture; we plan an open atmosphere in which everyone feels free to share views.
The leader of the class will be Tim Floyd. Tim is a professor of law at Mercer University and editor of
the book Can a Good Christian be a Good Lawyer? Homilies, Witnesses, and Reflections. Most recently,
he is a contributor to the new book A New Evangelical Manifesto: A Kingdom Vision for the Common
Good(forthcoming from Chalice Press in August 2012).
We’ll begin on Sunday September 9 and meet weekly through Sunday November 18 and meet from
9:30am-10:30am in the 2nd floor Conference Room. If there is interest, the class may continue beyond
November, and we may decide to explore other issues.
Also, you may have noticed that this e-mail has a new look! Our Connections Committee commissioned
a logo for Grace after gathering information from our Board about who we are a as a church. Based on
these responses, the company church graphics came up with the above logo and here’s how they
describe the concept: This concept aims to bring the colors and energy of Grace UMC's traditional
stained glass windows into a modern, clean space. Four sections of vibrant colors create the shape of the
cross at its center and thin forms create the illusion of light projecting in all directions. The concept also
speaks of the church's city-center location and its mission to reach the community.
Many thanks to the Connections Committee for their good work! Look for this graphic on our website,
publications, and around the church. .
As a reminder, I am away through next Tuesday, Aug. 21st at a continuing education writing workshop in
Minnesota. If you have a pastoral care need or emergency during this time, please call Rev. Al Clarke:
Join Grace for worship on Sunday at 11am to hear Suzanne Ecklund preach, and think about who you
can bring with you!
Grace and peace,