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Post-doctoral position in genomics of ecological speciation, Nosil lab, Sheffield, United
A two-year postdoc is available for a creative and motivated person to work on the genomics of
adaptation and speciation in Timema stick insects. The postdoc will work with Patrik Nosil in the
Department of Animal and Plant Sciences at the University of Sheffield (also in close
collaboration with Zach Gompert at Utah State University).
The position is funded by an European Research Council grant focused on testing hypotheses
about how genomes evolve as species formation unfolds from beginning to end. One major goal
is to directly isolate the role of the process of natural selection in generating observed patterns of
genomic divergence between host-associated populations and species of stick insects. The
approach is to combine ‘standard’ observational whole genome sequencing with field transplants
experimentally measuring selection at the genomic level. The results will provide insight into the
temporal and genomic dynamics of speciation. For an example of the types of questions and data
to be handled see Soria-Corrasco et al. 2014 in Science.
What we require:
The postdoctoral fellow will be responsible for leading hypothesis-driven analyses of large DNA
sequence data sets (i.e., genome-scale data from 100's of individuals). A Ph.D. is required. The
successful applicant must have demonstrated expertise in population genetics, phylogenetics,
genomics, or computational statistics. In addition, preference will be given to candidates with: (i)
experience with UNIX, high performance computing, and programming in C or C++ (preferred)
or in R and Perl or Python, (ii) the ability to develop and apply statistical or computational
methods to solve problems, (iii) a history of independent and creative thinking in the design or
execution of big data analysis, and (iv) specific expertise in research on speciation, theoretical
models of evolution, or phenotypic plasticity.
What we offer:
A two-year contract hosted in a vibrant department and lab group. The position will come with
flexibility for pursuing independent research ideas surrounding the general theme of genome
evolution during speciation.
The position will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.
To apply, contact Patrik Nosil by email ([email protected]) and include a CV and brief (1page) statement of research interests.
For more information on the lab: