British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology, BSAC1, Telford

British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology (BSACI, Telford 2015)
I am extremely grateful to the SoLS for awarding me the travel grant to attend BSACI
2015, Telford, UK. Due to the increased incidence and morbidity of allergy, allergic
diseases have received considerable attentions in the last few years in order to find
new approaches for diagnosis, prognosis and therapy. BSACI annual conference
offers excellent opportunity by bringing the latest knowledge, highlighting hottest
areas in the allergy research, gathering delegates and expertises from all over the
world. I had opportunity to present my poster entitled “development of IgE
microarray assays for classification of allergic individuals”. Attending this conference
enabled me to present some of my research findings in huge exhibition area and to
respond to critical views of many researchers. It was also great chance to interact with
colleagues and built research network across the BSACI community. The meeting
continued over 3 days with parallel sessions that covered a wide range of disciplines
in allergy and clinical immunology. In addition, workshop sessions, scientific debates,
poster exposition, company’s symposia and social events were very popular. It was
big opportunity for me to meet students working in similar projects, exchange ideas
and interact with the speakers in a friendly atmosphere. Moreover, the meeting kept
me updated with the latest diagnostic lab methods for allergy in the clinical centers as
well as the efficacy and the limitation of them.
Overall the meeting was a great experience for me to expand my horizons in the field
of allergy. I believe that the data I presented were massive, great and the feedback I
got from researchers were very encouraging. I also believe that the experience that I
have gained from attending this conference will be useful for my current research and
bonus to my future career.
Finally, thanks again to SoLS for awarding me the travel grant and big thanks for my
supervisors for the excellent supervision, additional fund and helping me to attend
such valuable scientific events.
Aljali Hamed
PhD student
Supervised by Dr Lucy Fairclough, Dr Paddy Tighe, and Dr Ian Todd