What to ask your allergist about food allergies – FAQ

Goal: Education about your food allergy diagnosis.
1. What test[s] did you perform or will you perform? What is the difference between blood tests or skin
test or scratch tests for food allergies? What is the gold standard for a food allergy diagnosis? What will
they prove/show/indicate? May I have a copy of the results for my records?
2. What food[s] am I allergic to? What is my full food allergy list (for example: when I talk to restaurants,
teachers, friends, other parents what do I tell them I can not have)? What do I need to avoid? (for
example, if I’m allergic to peanuts do you recommend staying away from all legumes?) What do I not
need to avoid food-wise?
3. What are the symptoms of an allergic reaction? What are the symptoms of a mild reaction versus
severe reaction? What symptoms should I look out for? What is anaphylaxis?
4. How immediate is an allergic reaction? Does it happen within seconds, minutes, hours, days?
5. Does the amount of allergen that I ingest affect how severe the reaction would be?
6. Can I develop a new allergy at any time? Can the severity of my allergy change?
7. Should I have a medical alert bracelet? If yes, which type and what should I have written on it?
8. What is my emergency action plan? What medication should I carry with me at all times? How and when
do I use it?
9. What do you think about “may contain labels?” Should I avoid foods with those labels if they say “may
contain” or “produced in a facility which processes…”
10. What books and or websites provide reliable medical information about food allergies for me to read
(give to family and friends)?
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