loredana maria guseila, bme

12411 Springwater Avenue NW, Uniontown, Ohio 44685
guseila.loredana@gmail.com 330-807-7018
OBJECTIVE: To obtain a pivotal position with a vanguard medical device technology company whereby I will be
able to utilize and further develop my skills as a biomechanics engineer, complementing my current role as an
instructor translating the daVinci S/Si and dV-Trainer modules to the future surgical residents and established
Calhoun Research Laboratory under the auspices of Dr. Eric Jenison at Akron General Medical Center
(AGMC), Akron, OH 8/11- present
 Prompted the new dV-Trainer simulator by training the surgical staff physicians at AGMC
o augmented the program and previous lab settings
o contributed to language for grant proposal for lab development
 Evolved the seed application for the grant
o adding the material and methods
o obtaining provisions for material
 Established a structure for a judicial distribution of the funds
o purchasing
o salaries
o awarding the novice surgery residents
 Benchmarked a protocol for current center utilization of the daVinci S surgical robot
o created a suture platform to enable ambidextrous suturing allowing for qualification of surgery
development with continuous use
o utilizing experienced daVinci users to evaluate new protocol
 Opened the program to early adaptors
o personally recruiting surgical physicians
o on site tours and interaction with the simulator
o fostered continued interest
o enrolling and scheduling
o overseeing their developmental instructions
 Evaluate the effectives of converting simulated training to full-scale adaptation to robotic surgery
o evaluating baseline initial competence to the project end step skill (using time as a metric)
 Future Goal
o analyzing the results and present them to surgical boards to obtain accreditation and
standardization of simulated training for robotic surgical methods
Individual Development of Research at AGMC, Akron OH 5/10-8/11
 Biomechanical Research in Orthopedist Department
o generated custom surgical techniques using CT and MRI imagines along with engineering
computational software
o preformed mechanical testing to quantify the biomechanics properties of the flexor digitorum
profundus tendon
 Clinical Research in Endocrinology Department
o studied the mechanism on type2- diabetes induce by arsenic poisoning
Fluid Equipment Development Company, LLC, Monroe, MI Sales Engineer 09/09-04/10
 Generated quotations for custom engineered equipment
 Directly responsible for in-excess of $1M
 Interacted with world-wide customer base
 Reorganized the after-sales support department
 Participated in cross-functional team for ISO 9001/14001 Certification
 Represented FEDCO in trade shows and customer visits
MK Morse, Canton, Ohio Quality Control Technician 03/08-03/09
 Responsible for the all production on the afternoon shift
 Tested samples from every production line, and wrote daily reports
 Communicated the results to the quality control manager
 Performed incoming stock inspection
Northeastern Ohio Medicine University, Rootstown, Ohio Tissue Culture Laboratory 05/05-08/05
 Performed Western Blot Technique to detect the release of Cytochrome C
 Participated in weekly staff meetings
 Communicated with administration, professionals and engineers
University of Akron, Akron, OH August 2009
 Bachelor of Science Biomedical Engineering, Biomechanics
 Mechanical Engineering course material
ASM International/MPMD Material and Processes for Medical Devices, 2008-2009
 Microelectromechanical systems and Neurosurgery Shuvo Roy, PhD.
 Metallurgy for Medical Devices and Post-Market Surveillance/Failure Analysis Phillip J. Andersen, PhD.
 Biological Testing Methods for Combination Devices Nicholas P. Ziats, PhD.
American Institute of Medical Sales AIMS, Englewood, CO April-June 2010
 Extremities and Biologics of Orthopedics course material
 OR protocol, medical device sales, and medical terminology
 Created a dynamic Territory Plan focused on my priority for growth and success
 Attended live surgeries to obtain a first hand understanding of surgical etiquette and technique